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New Condos and Town Homes in Charleston, SC

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Tips on buying a new Condo &Amp; Townhome home in Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC - New Home Market Profile

Charleston is one of the nation's most historically charmed seaport cities and offers a wealth of resources and opportunities for education, shopping, dining, retirement, relaxation, and exploration. Many say it is one of the best places to live in the nation. The city carries a unique blend of modern sophistication and well-preserved historical charm. Renowned as a flourishing cultural hub since centuries ago, an abundance of artists, musicians, actors, and artisans still call Charleston home.

Famous for its wide variety of dining options, Charleston has everything from good old-fashioned lowcountry cooking with the freshest seafood to exquisite European cuisines. Shoppers will find themselves browsing through many eclectic shops carrying a huge assortment of native artisan-made crafts and artistic merchandise. Homebuyers will be glad to know that Charleston offers an exceptional quality of life in the many beautiful home communities - plantation estates, oceanfront villas, urban condos, and residential surburbs.

Population (year 2000): : 96,650 Estimated median household income in 2005: $36,151 (it was $35,295 in 2000)

Climate:Charleston?s semitropical climate features four mild but distinct seasons, making golf and other outdoor activities pleasant year 'round.

Charleston Real Estate Zindex (Provided By

  • Charleston: $210,609
  • South Carolina: $122,599
  • United States: $254,569

Most common industries for males:

  • Accommodation and food services (13%)
  • Construction (11%)
  • Professional, scientific, and technical services (8%)
  • Educational services (7%)
  • Health care (6%)
  • Public administration (5%)
  • Administrative and support and waste management services (4%)

Most common industries for females:

  • Health care (20%)
  • Educational services (14%)
  • Accommodation and food services (12%)
  • Professional, scientific, and technical services (6%)
  • Public administration (5%)
  • Finance and insurance (4%)
  • Social assistance (3%)

Buying New Makes Sense

One quick glance at today's headlines, and it's no wonder that, as concerned consumers, we're pinching pennies more than ever. In a recent survey conducted by HSBC Bank USA, 64 percent of us plan to cut unnecessary spending this year. And, in a similar survey by Discover Financial Services, about half of consumers plan to cut down on such non-essential spending as dinners out and movies - even remodeling.

Still, when it comes to buying a house - something that many consumers are doing because of the many good deals to be had in a slow market - most of us prefer new. Even better, buying a new home also makes good financial sense. New homes offer countless advantages for consumers when it comes to saving money. Perhaps the biggest plus is that, since they're brand-new, the maintenance headaches that often accompany maintenance - as with older homes - simply don?t exist, and won't for a while.

New homes also use the latest in whole-house systems, like heating and air conditioning, so they're not likely to break down, saving consumers money. They're also more energy-efficient, which is also good for saving lots of green. Speaking of green, with interest rates that aren?t too far away from historic lows (just over 6 percent for a 30-year fixed mortgage as of March 11), consumers can also save money on new home mortgages. And, since mortgage interest and real estate taxes are deductible, it's another way to save money by buying a new home, especially when it comes to tax time.

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