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  • ABH owner Phillip Christensen has a 40-plus-year career in the construction industry.
  • Well-versed in every aspect of building homes.
  • Our team knows how to create homes that take advantage of everything Colorado has to offer.
  • When you purchase an ABH property, you're not just getting a house—you're getting a well-built Colorado home that you and your family can enjoy for generations to come.

About American Built Homes

American Built Homes is all about building the American Dream. Well-crafted, solid homes that combine smart floor plans and superb finishes to create stunning spaces that both entertain and comfort. Each home captures the spirit of its surroundings—whether it's an urban condominium building or a rural ranch on an acre of land. There are no "cookie-cutters" here...just unique, beautiful designs you'll be proud to call home.

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