• We are inspired by you! Your story, your successes, your hobbies, your life!
  • We have over 100 combined years in the building business.
  • We have listened and watched and we are committed to building a home that reflects you!

About Ashwood Fine Homes

As a standard, we provide a professional router that gives you "Wall to Wall" WiFi. Our technician will go in and "hot map" each room making sure all areas of your home have strong signals. In addition, our homes have a structured panel that is pre-wired to upgrade to any SMART home package provided by ELAN on the Z-Wave platform. You will always stay connected even with the big tech loads today's families can demand. As a Standard, all of our homes have an air filtration system that captures 98% of particles so that you and your loved ones are breathing better quality air. That's especially important in our humid and pollen dense southern climate.