• McBride & Son Companies builds in over 60 communities in St. Louis, Southwestern Illinois Missouri.
  • The company is currently ranked in the top 9 largest privately owned builders in the country and is 27th largest overall according to Builder Magazine.

About McBride Homes

Established as a classic, family-owned construction company following World War II, McBride & Son traces its origin to 1946 when Joseph C. McBride, a carpenter and maintenance man for Carter Carburetor Co., saw the need to provide affordable housing for returning GI’s. With a loan for tools, McBride entered the construction business and built his first home in North St. Louis County. The company’s modest profits, always reinvested, resulted in conservative but steady growth. During the 1950’s and 1960’s, expansion led to subdivision housing and apartments. Although construction slowed nationally in the 1970’s, McBride & Son was chosen by a major lending institution to develop a large, historic tract of land which would provide upscale housing for 4500 residents. In the late 1980’s, McBride & Son was the first major St. Louis homebuilder to cross the Mississippi River into Illinois to develop residential communities in several municipalities. In 1988, McBride & Son’s Stock Ownership Plan was implemented. The corporation became fully owned by its employees. Today, McBride & Son is not only St. Louis’ largest home builder; it has the highest market share of any builder in any top 30 market. It also been recognized as the largest union builder in the United States.