• We put quality into the customers homes.
  • We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our craftsmanship, but also on the quality of our people.
  • We also have a heart for helping others.

About T.H. Properties

Trusted since 1992, THP has grown from a small business into one of the largest privately held residential development companies in the Delaware Valley. At THP we stress that your reputation will always sell more homes than any advertisement, and treating your customers with respect, integrity and honesty creates a customer for life. We operate on the belief that you don't need to sacrifice quality for price when buying a home. Our custom building background has been incorporated into the core of home production. You want your home to be a reflection of you, which is why THP gives you a high level of flexibility when choosing how you want your home to look and feel. Our experienced production and customer service teams are trained to scrutinize every aspect of the building process for every home, from the initial design phase until settlement. You can be confident that the building of your THP home has been managed by some of the best in the industry. We have been passionate about customer service since the first day we opened for business. We believe customer service doesn't just begin when you move into your home - it begins the moment you walk through our doors. We will walk you step-by-step through our available communities and floor plans to help you to choose which options best meets your needs and style. Once your contract is signed, the team will provide you with updates on the progress of your new home. As you get closer to your settlement, we take you through your home to ensure any outstanding issues are taken care of before your settlement date. After settlement, we will be available to take care of any warranty issues that may occur around your home.