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About Tim O'Brien Homes

It is my ambition to make a positive impact for the home building industry by continually improving our home building process to deliver our clients a wonderful home building experience that reduces the level of stress in building a home. It is this innovative approach to continually advance our home building process that defines the culture of Tim O'Brien Homes. When I started Tim O'Brien Homes in 2007, I wanted to improve the home building experience (both the construction of the home and the building process). Having worked in the industry for 14 years prior, I learned tremendous lessons from companies focused on being the low cost provider; driving for the lowest dollar per square foot price to SELL homes. Our approach is more value-driven. We have done an exceptional job at balancing quality and price to ensure a solid long-term investment and relationship with you and your home and we continuously develop our plans and specifications to reinforce that value. We will relentlessly continue to communicate and educate consumers on the tangible benefits of building a new green home and continue to make an impact not only in home building, but in your home life as well.

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