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  • Over 30 years of home building experience.
  • Thirty years and 3,000 homes later, VIP Homes is a leader in SE Michigan when it comes to building custom homes, multi-family and commercial properties.
  • We believe building your home is a great privilege – a privilege that requires trust and sterling reputation, both of which we have manifested year by year, brick by brick.
  • We have confidence in our capabilities of building your home that have accumulated over thirty years of hard work.

About V.I.P. Homes

Vince Castellana began his home building career in 1983 after being a mason for six years. He fell in love with the construction industry at a young age and decided to use all his savings to build his first home with three partners. After the completion of his first house he knew he had something special to add to the industry. His eagerness to learn and grow helped him accomplish things in the next 30 years of his career that he never dreamed. Under his leadership the company has built over 3,000 new homes in Southeast Michigan and continues to grow at a steadfast pace.