Ocean County Home Builders

The Ocean County housing area along the Jersey Shore is dominated by such builders as Platinum Developers, Arya Properties, and Lennar. These builders have established over 10 communities scattered around the metro area to ensure that every family finds what they are looking for.

Community clusters exist both centrally as well as on the peripheries of the county. The largest cluster of communities is found on the Main Street in the county seat, Toms River. Smaller clusters are located in Brick Township, Berkeley Township, and Lakewood Township.

People looking to build a new house in Ocean County can choose from 1 homebuilders to help make their dream home a reality. These Ocean County builders have a passion for quality construction and have 73 new homes available for sale in 5 Ocean County communities.

Prices for new homes for sale in Ocean County range from $279,990 to $439,140. Because Ocean County has a diverse collection of homebuilders, home shoppers can easily find a builder that has a floor plan they love within their budget.

Large Ocean County homebuilders have large floor plan libraries that encompass a wide range of home styles and can further customize their plans to meet your needs. Ocean County’s custom homebuilders can also design a beautiful new home for your needs. The home design scene is pleasantly diverse with townhouses as much part of the cityscape as is the Florida cracker architecture. In-between we find the Neo-classical looking, split-level, pitched-roof, two-story home occasionally with balcony on the upper levels too. The sidings vary from vinyl to brick and stucco.

Builders in the location: