Out with the Old; In with the New: 2018 Color Trends

A light Ultra Violet wood plank hanging on a wall has a textured graining.

Ultra Purple and texture, like these wood planks with graining, will be popular in 2018.

2018 Design Colors of the Year

2018 is just a few days away, but we’re already seeing a shift in home design.

Take Pantone’s Colors of the Year: this year’s Ultra Violet is a striking contrast from last year’s Greenery, says Leigh Spicher, national director of Design Studios for Ashton Wood Homes.

“In 2018, there is a focus on what’s important to you,” Spicher says. “This year’s color of the year is a bold call for people to take a personal approach to design. I think it gives people permission to take a bod approach with home design.”

While (ultra) purple will be the It color of 2018, blue will also be popular, predicts Spicher. “Sherwin-Williams Paints came out with Oceanside (for its Color of the Year), which goes to further support for personalization. (Blue) lends itself to people looking to display happiness in their home.”

While purple and blue are bold colors to use in the home, Spicher suggests using these as accent colors. “You will see (these colors) in essence,” she says. “In some model homes, you’ll see it as a secondary color and it’s going to be a great dramatic accent.

“If you really love Ultra Violet, then go for a velvet seating arrangement or on a set of dining chairs. These objects are small investments, but (Ultra Violet) adds color to the room. I’ve seen two-story great rooms that are draped in Ultra Violet curtains and its very stunning.”

While these colors will be popular in 2018, Spicher expects that white will be out and texture will be in.

“I think white is going to be coming to an end and for good reason,” she says. “The choice of Ultra Violet is proof of that. I think people will turn away from the crisp, white palette and go for a more personal approach. They will be turning away from farmhouse design with the white shiplap and white palette.”

As more Americans start to appreciate natural things — their own natural selves, natural food, natural everything — they’ll also start to appreciate the naturalness of the elements of their home.

“What we see a lot in our studios is texture,” Spicher says. “Some call it … new contemporary, where we are starting to see a rise in maple to oak or hickory and there’s a lot of graining. You are starting to see a lot of texture in the home. Our culture is coming together and the imperfections are starting to be something that we appreciate.”

Because of a divisive political year in 2017, Ultra Violet (red + blue = purple) is a call for Americans to come together. The color is culturally driven, so it represents a hopeful expectation for the new year. As home design changes, so too, will people’s appreciation and styling of their homes.
Patricia L. Garcia is an award-winning journalist and former content manager for NewHomeSource. You can find her on Google+.

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