Big Winners at the 2018 Eliant Homebuyers’ Choice Awards

Legends Way at Onion Creek home built by William Lyon Homes in Austin, TX.

Legends Way at Onion Creek home built by William Lyon Homes in Austin, TX. William Lyon Homes was awarded more than 10 Homebuyers' Choice Awards by homebuyer survey company Eliant in 2018.

A new construction home combines the financial and psychological benefits of homeownership with a safe, modern living space tailored to the homeowner’s lifestyle and personal style. Homebuyers looking to make the major investment in buying a new home need a builder committed to their needs for their home.

For the past 20 years, the customer experience experts at Eliant have given their yearly Homebuyers’ Choice Awards to honor builders who put the needs of their homebuyers first. Eliant chose the 2018 winning builders based on the results of more than 106,000 customer experience surveys, administered to all recent homeowners of new homes purchased from 156 major homebuilders.

Qualitative data from Eliant’s customer experience surveys shows deep insights into what recent homeowners think about their builders throughout the entire home buying process. With this honest feedback to targeted surveys, Eliant can showcase and reward builders whose homeowners love their new homes and who also felt empowered while buying and building their home.

“There’s very little information available about how good builders really are, or who the best builders really are,” said Bob Mirman, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eliant. “We have found that the best measure of a homebuilder’s success when it comes to meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations is to ask customers what they think and take down their feedback. Customers trust other customers, and customers trust current homeowners the most.”

The 2018 Homebuyers’ Choice Awards

Eliant’s Homebuyers’ Choice Awards recognize medium, large, and high volume builders for exceptional client experience in categories that include purchase experience, design experience, first year customer service experience, first year quality, referral volume, and overall purchase and ownership. Eliant’s awards also recognize individual sales, design, customer, and customer service representatives who demonstrate client-first mindsets in their work.

This year, 36 builders received at least one of Eliant’s prestigious awards for outstanding customer satisfaction and experience. Many builders won multiple awards—and these builders received more than ten: Century Communities, MBK Homes, Brookfield Homes, Grand Homes, The New Home Company, William Lyon Homes, Robson Resort Communities, and TRI Pointe Group received more than ten. Along with four additional first place, large-volume builder awards, The Olson Company was also a winner of “The Eliant” for Best Overall Customer Experience in Eliant’s single divisional builder segment for the third year in a row.

“This means that in every aspect of the purchase experience, from A to Z, they are committed to the customer service experience,” Mirman said. “The reason why I’m calling them out is because they seem to do this better year after year.”

You can see the full list of builders who won Eliant’s 2018 Homebuyers’ Choice Awards here.

Why Industry Awards Matter to Home Shoppers

Buying a new home is an aspirational purchase, with the homeowner’s dreams of a better future wrapped into the excitement of starting a new chapter in their life. It is also a long journey that can feel confusing and nerve-wracking for some homebuyers.

When searching for the right builder to make their dream home a reality, homebuyers want to know that their builder cares about them and the home they will live in for years to come. Homebuyers want to work with a team of experts who can help them make the right choices for their new home – from the moment they walk in the sales center to when they turn the key for the first time.

True customer feedback, “Helps new homebuyers make better, more information, more confident decision about what they can expect from a homebuilder,” Mirman said. “It narrows down the list and the risk for a new homebuyer and helps them select a builder that, in their market area, is considered extraordinary by current customers.”

Home shoppers spend a lot of time looking for a builder they can trust. Programs like Eliant’s Homebuyers’ Choice Awards can help home shoppers find builders that have a track record of providing a smooth home buying and building experience. Third-party awards can also help builders stand out and demonstrate trust to home shoppers who want to feel secure in their choice of builder. “It helps a prospective homebuyer to pick a builder who has already been proven to be extraordinary in the eyes of their current customers,” Eliant’s Mirman added.

Are you shopping for a new home? Or have you recently purchased a newly built home? If so, what types of research did you do to find your builder, and why did you choose them? Let us know in the comments below.

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