21 Cities with Bizarre Names That Are Not Hell, Mich.

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Despite their bizarre — and sometimes boring — names, these cities are pleasant places to call home.

If you relish finding articles about strange little towns with even stranger names, prepare to chuckle.

These towns might not be Hell, Mich., or Hooker, Okla., but they still have odd, hilarious and out-there names worthy of an Internet round up.

American Fork, Utah, in the Provo-Orem Area

Fortunately, the founders of American Fork chose to name their town after the noble fork. American Dessert Spoon just does not have the same ring to it. This charming, but somewhat oddly named town, sits close to Utah Lake and several other little ponds and rivers, perfect for people who love the water.

Angels Camp, Calif., in the Stockton-Lodi Area

Angels Camp, Calif., is so beautiful that, at some point in time, otherworldly visitors might have decided to go camping here. Surrounded by beautiful forest, mountains, rivers and lakes, nature lovers have everything they could possibly want in Angels Camp.

Beaver, Penn., W.V., in the Pittsburg and Charleston Areas

Apparently, people love to name towns after beavers. If you love this furry dam-building mammal, you can choose to live in two towns, one in Pennsylvania and one in West Virginia, named solely after the beaver.

Beaver Falls, Penn., in the Pittsburgh Area

Pennsylvania really loves beavers. Beaver Falls is the second beaver themed city in the state. While people might judge the state’s love of this large-toothed rodent, Beaver Falls is a beautiful place to call home.

Bee Cave, Texas, in the Austin Area

There really was a cave full of bees in Bee Cave, Texas. The bees no longer live in the namesake cave in this cozy town between Austin and the Texas Hill Country, so people who are allergic can enjoy life to the fullest here.

Boring, Ore., in the Portland-Vancouver Area

Boring, Ore.’s name is not related to how residents think about their town. Despite its downer of a name, this Portland suburb has everything people could possibly want in a community. Residents of Boring have easy access to the city, fun amenities and Oregon’s beautiful natural setting.

Chagrin Falls, Ohio, in the Cleveland Area

Hell might be in Michigan, but Ohio is home to the almost equally dourly named Chagrin Falls. We do not know why this town’s founders were so unhappy to be here, especially when you see the town’s beautiful waterfall and river.

Disney, Okla., in the Tulsa Area

Sitting between Disneyland and Walt Disney World, Disney, Okla., has nothing to do with the famous movies or characters. Fortunately, residents of Disney do not have to wake up to constant renditions of “It’s a small world,” or throngs of loud tourists.

Downers Grove, Ill., in the Chicago Area

Another depressing name for a lively town. Life in Downers Grove is anything but a downer, with major companies headquartered here and Chicago just a short drive away, people from all walks of life can have fun and be happy.
Eureka, Ill., Mo., Wis., in the Peoria-Pekin, Appleton-Oshkosh, St. Louis Areas
City founders in three states thought they hit pay dirt when they settled down. Illinois, Missouri and Wisconsin all had people love their new homes so much they shouted, “Eureka!” to the skies and to whoever painted the city signage.

Flower Mound, Texas, in the Dallas Area

For a town famous for oil barons, Flower Mound seems like a strange name for a Dallas suburb. This comfortable community has everything a family could want, including a name that does not match the high-tech and high-class living found here.

Flowery Branch, Ga., in the Atlanta Area

It is not uncommon to find cities in the south named after beautiful blooms found on magnolia and peach trees, but Flowery Branch, Ga., could not decide on a single flower and represented all the flowers. For people connected to Atlanta, Flowery Branch is a relaxing and comfortable suburb.

Flushing, N.Y., Mich., in the New York and Flint Areas

Believe it or not, two states have cities named Flushing. Nobody knows what residents in Michigan and New York need to flush, or why you would name two towns after the toilet’s main function, but people in both Flushings love living there.

Goose Creek, S.C., in the Charleston Area

Blackbirds are not the only birds with towns named after them. In South Carolina, Goose Creek pays homage to the geese that pass through the town. This Charleston suburb is easy to fall in love with, despite the somewhat strange name.

Happy Valley, Ore., in the Portland-Vancouver Area

Maybe the founders of Happy Valley decided to give the town its cheerful name to balance out Boring, Ore. This friendly town sits just outside Portland, giving residents the best of small town living and easy access to the big city.

Humble, Texas, in the Houston Area

If you’re not from the area, you wouldn’t know that the “H” is silent. Humble, Texas, sits on Houston’s North Side, offering beautifully wooded neighborhoods, ponds and cozy homes. Families love the sense of privacy found here and the easy commute to the city.

Hurricane, Utah, W.V., in the St. George and Charleston Areas

Utah and West Virginia are repeat offenders for strange town names. Even though both towns named Hurricane are peaceful and vibrant communities, the town founders decided to name their new city after massive storms.

Little Egg Harbor, N.J., in the Ocean City Area

It makes sense that New Jersey would have a lot of harbor and port cities, but naming a harbor after a little egg seems more than a little weird. A combination of good schools and great amenities outweigh the town’s strange name, though.

Moody, Ala., in the Birmingham Area

Everyone in Moody, Ala., feels fine. Ok. Stop asking. Moody’s unfortunate name can be easily ignored once you learn that the city’s great location, just outside of Birmingham, makes it an even better place to live.

Savage, Minn., in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

One should refrain oneself from making jokes about people from Savage, Minn., having no chill. Despite the angry sounding name, Savage is a relaxed town filled with friendly people and plenty of fun things to do.

Sparta, Mich., and N.J., in the Grand Rapids and Sussex County Areas

Madness. No. This is Sparta! We are sure this is not the first-time residents in Sparta, towns in New Jersey and Michigan, have heard this joke. Even though the movie 300 almost certainly led to numerous beliefs that every resident is buff and ready for a fight, they are both great places to live and quite peaceful.

Now that you’ve seen that these oddly name cities are actually quite nice places to live, search NewHomeSource to find a new home that’s close by.
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