5 Family Friendly Design Trends You Can Get Behind

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Comfortable and stylish, these 5 trends are perfect for family-friendly designs.

Having a family, especially a growing one, has a huge impact on how a home is furnished and decorated. Fortunately, it is totally possible to create a family-friendly environment that is comfortable, beautiful and on trend. We’ve searched through 2018’s biggest interior design trends to find the ones that a growing family can incorporate without compromising on style. Read on!

1. Open dining

Open floor plans have been around for a while, but having a home that is completely open is a dying trend. One aspect of the open floor plan that is sticking is open dining. “In new homes and apartments, traditional dining rooms aren’t being used like they once were, especially in homes and apartments where open-concept living/kitchen areas are the norm,” explain designers Suzanne and Lauren McGrath.

Open dining can mean having a breakfast nook in the kitchen or a dining space that flows right into the kitchen or living room instead of being walled off. For some, formal dining rooms may still serve a purpose, but for growing families, open dining makes a lot of sense! While renovations can happen at any time, it makes sense to pick the open dining arrangement you want before designing or buying a new home.

2. Bold kitchens

Growing families tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether preparing meals, sorting the mail, and even eating. Because of this, a growing trend is to design kitchens that are bolder and more personalized. And because of the emphasis on personalization, “bold” can be interpreted in a variety of ways — for example, two-toned cabinetry, high-contrast marble countertops, statement lighting, boldly patterned backsplash tiles or patterned flooring.

Kenna Stout of Brio Interior Design suggests, “Going with bold patterned flooring in a kitchen is one way to incorporate drama, movement and yet another layer of customization to create a truly unique space. Be sure to select a pattern that you connect with naturally.” If you choose to have a bold element in your kitchen, make sure it stands out by balancing the rest of the space with more neutral colors. Too much “bold” will make the space unwelcoming.

For a new home, it is ideal to pick out these elements before the kitchen is installed, though a number of these changes are easy to make after the kitchen is completed.

3. Antibacterial materials

Technology doesn’t just apply to smart homes and appliances. Incredible advances are being made in the materials that are used in homes, and these materials offer a wide range of benefits.

Antibacterial countertops like Silestone, copper and Wilsonart HD Laminate prevent the spread of bacteria and illnesses — a great addition to a young household. Cultured stone countertops aren’t antibacterial, but they are heat-, stain-, and scratch-resistant.

Antibacterial materials aren’t limited to kitchens. Bathrooms can also benefit from solid surface shower walls, like the kind manufactured by Corian that eliminates the need for grout and is antibacterial to boot. There are even antibacterial wall tiles and shower gaskets on the market.

4. Black fixtures and accents

Brass fixtures were everywhere in 2017. This year, the finish of choice is matte black. And for good reason! A black faucet really pops against a white sink. According to Jessica Birchfield, senior designer at Moen, “Placing a matte black finish on a minimalist form instantly creates a modern, urban industrial vibe … on a traditional faucet, it evokes a vintage farmhouse industrial mood. Both elevate the experience with a strong sense of distinctive character and nostalgia.”

Swapping out fixtures is a fairly affordable decor change, but there are other ways to incorporate black into your interior. Black planters, black drawer pulls, black picture frames and other black accessories will also work a treat.

5. Wall coverings

Rather than serving as a simple backdrop, walls are getting more attention this year. Yes, wallpaper is back with a vengeance! But rather than the tiny floral patterns of old, we’re seeing big, bold florals, geometric patterns and all kinds of interesting textures and bold colors.

But the wall covering trend doesn’t stop at wallpaper. Geometric moulding panels transform a room that is just nice into a room that is amazing. These panels are a conversation piece, and perhaps the best part is that they are totally doable and affordable for someone who likes DIY projects.

Make Your House a Home

Regardless of which trends you and your growing family choose to incorporate into your new home, make sure they reflect your family’s style and contribute to the warmth and comfort of the environment. Your decor choices can support those goals. Home should be a happy, cozy place where a lot of beautiful living happens.
For the last 16 years, Rachel Kinbar has been a writer of articles, blog posts, white papers, essays, infographics, web copy, sales copy, scripts, poetry, lyrics, and more. She has keen research skills that she applies to a wide variety of topics, and she especially loves topics related to design, history, and sustainable living.

She is the former editorial and marketing director of a creative content agency in Europe, where she resided for 11 years. Now back in the U.S., she is continuing her writing career and with her sister has co-founded Kinship Design Marketing, a boutique agency that provides marketing strategies and content for architects, interior designers, and landscape designers. Rachel resides in Florida with her husband and son. When she is not writing, she is likely reading, tending her plants, or playing with clay.

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