8 Everyday Appliances We Want to Boss Around with Voice Control

Smart computer voice control with human voice. Businessman and voice control command background.

As voice control becomes more mainstream, what practical uses can we find for this new tech? We have some suggestions.

The Internet of Things has made daily life much more high tech.

Smart home technology has leveraged sophisticated voice control to bring the convenience of asking Siri to call Mom a part of daily life. Even though you can have voice-controlled lights, thermostats and speakers, many everyday appliances could make life easier if they had voice control too. Below, we plead with manufacturers to add voice control to these devices:

The Roomba

Roomba owners love not having to vacuum or sweep floors, until they get trapped in a corner. Just imagine if you could simply tell your Roomba, “Back up,” to have it free itself from the dastardly breakfast nook. Owners could tell voice-controlled Roomba when to turn on and off, eliminating the need to chase it down, and where to park after vacuuming.

Pool Cleaners

Automatic pool cleaners love getting caught in corners almost as much as Roombas. Back up commands for automatic pool cleaners could eliminate the need to pull the thing up by its cord, or taking an unplanned swim, to turn it around. Pool owners could also tell their cleaner how to regulate chemical levels based on the quality of their swim.


Appliance manufacturers have a suite of appliances that can connect with devices like Amazon Alexa that includes ovens, but family chefs still cannot boss their oven around directly. Telling the oven to preheat itself, lower its temperature or switch to broil without spending up to $200 on an Amazon device would be nice.

Washing Machines and Dryers

Nobody likes doing laundry. Nobody. At the very least, voice-controlled washer and dryer systems could have a novelty factor. Washing machines and dryers with direct voice control could also make it easy to ask a dryer to tumble just a little longer, without having to get up from the sofa.


Dishwashers are already easy to use, but voice-activated dishwashers could add a Jetson-like feel to a normally boring chore. Voice activation could also make it easy to schedule when you want to wash the dishes or start the dishwasher when you have your hands full.

Sprinkler Systems

Instead of messing around at your water spigot and forgetting to turn the sprinkler off, you could simply command your sprinkler system to turn on and tell it when it should turn off. Voice-activated sprinkler systems could save homeowners time, effort, money and water. Why have they not been invented yet?

Coffee Makers

Nothing wakes people up like the first cup of coffee. Stumbling through a haze induced by an alarm clock that went off too early could be more appealing if you could tell your coffee maker to start brewing your favorite morning beverage.


The Internet has found a way to MacGyver a voice-activated fireplace, but to date, people cannot buy fireplaces designed with voice control in mind. Instead of having to mess around with the ignition switch on the side of the mantle to create a cheerful fire, homeowners could tell their fireplace when to turn on and off and how hot they want the room from the comfort of the couch.

As voice control gets more sophisticated and more appliances join the Internet of Things, our voice command wish list will start to get fulfilled. If you could have any appliance in your home have voice control, what would it be?
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