8 Halloween Décor Ideas You Can Use All Year

Blown-glass pumpkin cloches with small string of lights inside and fall accessories like fallen leaves around the base.

Blown-glass pumpkin cloches can be used in your home décor all year. By adding string lights, you’ll bring a warm, sophisticated touch, like these from Pottery Barn.

Halloween décor can transform your home into a spooky wonderland, perfect for trick-or-treaters and wandering spirits.

If you love letting your creative juices flow decorating for this creepy holiday, you do not have to put away all your Halloween Decorations after the neighborhood kids stop knocking on your door for candy. Here are eight Halloween trends that you can use in your home décor year round.

Fancy Pumpkins

Because pumpkins represent fall as much as they do Halloween, you can incorporate them into your décor, no matter what décor style you love. If you prefer rustic styles, try using white- or gold- pumpkins as a center piece or consider linen or flannel pumpkins. If you prefer a little sophistication, you can use blown-glass pumpkin cloches, like the ones above from Pottery Barn. You can DIY or buy fancy, fun and quirky pumpkins that match your personal style, while reminding you of fall and Halloween, without the creep factor.

Candles Everywhere

Candles make things feel warm and romantic. For a more Victorian or steam punk take on Halloween that you can enjoy all year, place chunky pillar candles in hurricane glass, petite votive candles in ornate holders and allow tapered candles to drip wax all over their candleholders. This style looks elegant year round and can feel spooky when you light all your candles at once and kill all the lights.

Wicked Witch (Or Other Spooky Characters) Art

What Halloween image is as iconic as the green faced Wicked Witch of the West? Or, for that matter, Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankenstein or any member of the Addams Family? Art prints of your favorite Halloween-y characters are more edgy than traditional home art and can serve as touch stones of fond memories of reading and watching their stories.

Knot and Nest Designs Lighted Tree Branches sitting in large glass vases.Branch Bouquet

Shadows from skeletal branch bouquets can look eerie for trick-or-treaters and can add the perfect touch of the macabre to more adult Halloween parties. For the rests of the year, branch bouquets are minimalistic and low maintenance, features that bring natural accents and texture to any room. If you do not want your home to feel too much like Halloween, you can switch your branches into a more traditional container in November or paint your branches white. Or for a warm look, add a small string of lights, like these branch bouquets from Knot and Nest Designs.

Owl Decorations

Something about owls’ big eyes and nighttime activity make people think of the spookiest day of the year. To bring the air of wisdom and mystery owls have into your home, use them in your décor. While these nocturnal birds can feel a little eerie, they also have strong ties to woodlands and can add a rustic touch when used as décor in rooms with warm color palettes. Look for owl figurines made of natural materials and art that evokes texture to bring Halloween to a more traditional space.

Raven Figurines

Like the owl, ravens have a strong association with Halloween. You can add a touch of Edgar Allen Poe’s sense of the macabre when you use raven figurines in your centerpieces or other decorative pieces. The raven makes any room feel a little more interesting, especially rooms that are mostly white. Raven figurines made with feathers can add a smooth, yet warm, texture to any space.

Feather Décor

If you do not want to go all out with owl decorations and raven figurines, you can still bring a touch of luxury to your home by using the warm, yet sleek, texture of feathers. Having feather accents in your home — especially black feather accents — makes your home feel just a little more mysterious without making it feel cold.

White wallpaper with silver calavera print.Fancy Skulls

If you really love Halloween and want to make your home have that sense of excitement and mystery all year, you can take the plunge and incorporate skulls into your décor. For maximum impact, use a realistic skull as a centerpiece or hang skull art on your walls. For a more fun — and colorful — take on this creepy trend, consider using skulls coated in glitter in your home.

You can also embrace a Mexican vibe with vibrant sugar skulls, or a more muted version like this Mexican Day of the Dead Sugar Skull wallpaper in white from Anatomy Boutique.

You can bring a little bit of the magic, mystery and excitement of Halloween to your home, without looking like you live in a haunted house. A touch of sophistication means these Halloween favorites can stay out all year.
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