Get (And Keep) Your Bathroom Organized

The spacious gray and white master bathroom in the Tillman plan by Village Builders in Friendswood, Texas, features a stone and glass-encased walk-in shower, soaker tub and double vanities with lots of counter space and cabinet storage.

This spacious master bathroom in the Tillman plan by Village Builders has lots of storage options and display space for baskets, containers and more that will keep the bathroom neat and organized. At the West Ranch: Classic and Kingston Collections community in Friendswood, TX.

One of the top trends from the Pinterest 100 was the popularity of spa bathrooms.

As we move into 2018, people want to create a master bathroom into soothing retreats straight out of a luxury resort, perfect for relaxing tub soaks and invigorating morning routines.

Part of the appeal of these luminous bathrooms comes from their aura of cleanliness. Everything has a place, eliminating clutter and making these bathrooms feel light and airy.

Anyone building their home can choose options to ensure their bathroom is an airy retreat by cutting clutter and keeping the space organized. By following design principles when building your new home, and taking simple steps to keep your bathroom organized once you move in, you can enjoy your own little piece of heaven.

Your Builder Can Help Make Your Bathroom Organized

Your builder can help you design a bathroom that gets high traffic and stays organized. (This can actually happen.) Before you rush to your builder’s showroom to pick out the perfect tile and garden tub, think about how you plan on using the space.

Do you enjoy long tub soaks? If so, a luxurious garden tub should serve as the room’s focal point, with built-in shelving to store towels and bath gear. People who feel energized as they get ready in the morning should work with their builders to install a functional center vanity, with plenty of drawers and shelves.

If you design your bathroom for your needs, you will naturally enjoy the space more and invest more time keeping it comfortable and organized.

You Can Keep Your Bathroom Organized

After your builder works their magic and finishes your new home, you can keep the personal paradise known as your master bathroom organized and looking nice.

Embrace Dividers and Storage Bins

Putting drawer dividers and storage bins in your vanity can help tame your makeup and hair products, while still looking nice. Stylish storage bins can help hide towels and other less-than-pretty bathroom staples like TP.

Use Hanging Storage to Maximize Wall Space

Storage options like shower caddies, wall-mounted shelves and hanging bins transform your wall space into useful shelving. This type of storage is perfect for keeping the stuff you use handy and for maximizing the space under your shower, above your sink and toilet and behind your vanity doors.

Get Rid of Expired, Broken or Unused Products

Get rid of the easy clutter by throwing out makeup and other products that have expired, tools that have broken or anything you do not use. If you have four unfinished bottles of lotion, don’t bring in another lotion until you have used up the others or gotten rid of them.

Display Useful Products in Pretty Containers

You can store toiletries in pretty jars and glasses. Storing things like shampoo, bath salt, hair pins and ties, cotton swabs and other things that lurk in your bathroom in attractive, uniform containers makes your space more presentable and makes all your products easier to stack and organize.

Use the Space Above Your Toilet and Sink

Hanging more serious shelving in the space above your toilet and sink gives you a good place to put bathroom products you want to forget about, but still have them handy and close. The brave can opt for open shelving if they have pretty linens they want to show off.

You do not need endless free time or an army of maids to maintain your dream bathroom. By taking some time to plan your personal spa when you build your new home and by following a few quick practices after you move in, you can have a bathroom worthy of Pinterest — or a fancy resort.

Infographic with tips on how to keep bathroom neat and organized.
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