Bedroom Colors That Can Help You Sleep Better

Find Your ZZZs in Blue and Green

Interior of a modern bedroom in white and blue color.

Blue room, you saw me sleeping alone. Or with your partner. The point is, blue can help you find better rest.

2018 is the year of Ultra Violet and other bold home décor choices.

Trend lists for home design show how you can create striking spaces in your home that still feel uniquely yours, however, grandiose design can affect how well you sleep when you bring it into the bedroom.

If you are picking out the colors for your new home, or you want to start a paint project, you can use color psychology in your bedroom to find the perfect color to help you sleep better. Raleigh, N.C., Designer Dayna Hairston and Certified Sleep Science Coach Chris Brantner, based in Santa Monica, Calif., have special insights to choosing the best color for great sleep.

Blue Bedrooms Promote Restful Sleep

Both Hairston and Brantner agree that painting walls in shades of blue helps create a restful atmosphere in a bedroom and promote longer slumber. Our minds associate blue with calm and cleanliness, perfect for drifting off to dreamland. Brantner also coaches people to paint bedrooms blue because the ganglion cells in the eye that help regulate circadian rhythm are sensitive to shades of blue.

“Blue is associated with calmness, relaxation and peace. We frequently associate it with the sky, ocean or other restful scenes,” says Hairston, adding that humans associate cool hues with nature, “and allow us to drift off into a comfortable night’s rest.”

If you want to create a calming retreat and sleep better, you should work with your builder and opt for blue in your bedroom.

Painting walls in shades of blue helps create a restful atmosphere in a bedroom and promote longer slumber.Alternative Colors That Work Well in Bedrooms

Buuuuuut, what if you do not want a blue bedroom, but still want to sleep well? Brantner suggests that people steer clear of red hues and other harsh colors. He advises people who want to avoid blue opt for gray or other neutrals for a restful sleep and a calming bedroom.

For people who love color, Hairston advises sticking to cooler hues. For bedrooms, Hairston offers shades of green as an alternative to blue. While studies show that people with blue bedrooms get the most restful sleep, respondents that woke up to green bedrooms felt upbeat and positive.

“Good sleep starts with setting up your bedroom as your own retreat,” says Brantner. As you build your home, think about how you can make your bedroom the most restful space in your house, so you can wake up energized and ready to seize each new day.
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Color choices have a powerful effect on an social and emotional wellbeing.
Dayna Hairston, January 28, 2018

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