Best Black Friday Deals in 2018 for Appliances for Your New Home

Save Money on Your New Home’s Appliances

Man in store carrying box on Black Friday.

We've found the best deals on home appliances to make your Black Friday a success.

You can save money when you build your new home buy buying your own appliances. Major retailers offer huge Black Friday Deals on high-end appliances, giving homebuyers an opportunity to save even more money during the construction process.

NewHomeSource found the best Black Friday deals for 2018 on home appliances. With savings this big, you can afford to invest in better looking and higher quality gear for your house. You could also use your saved money to invest in upgrades that truly customize your house. Whatever you do with the money you save, enjoy it; after all, a dollar saved is a dollar earned.

Best Kitchen Appliance Bundles

To date, Best Buy offers the lowest prices on stainless steel Whirlpool kitchen packages, and they throw in a $150 gift card, because, Black Friday. You can save money and outfit your kitchen with quality appliances that look stylish too with this amazing deal.

Best Deals for Washer/Dryer Pairs

Washing machines and dryers aren’t cool appliances- there is a reason why we hide them in laundry rooms- but you do need them. For Black Friday, Costco will drop the price of a Whirlpool washer and dryer set by $620, so you can spend your money on something that is actually fun.

Best Deals on Wine Coolers

Home Depot’s 32-Bottle Dual-Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is one of the fun things you can get with all the money you saved from buying your washing machine from Costco during Black Friday. With deals giving you an extra $120 off the wine cooler, you can go out to buy some nice celebratory wine to toast to your new home.

Best Deals on High End Coffee Machines

Target has special deals on the Ninja Coffee Bar for Black Friday. Everyone’s favorite store has slashed the price of this caffeine-bestowing machine in half, so you can upgrade your coffee maker, without feeling guilty about the price. Nobody feels good about starting the day without a cup of joe, so buying a high quality coffee maker is an investment in your quality of life.

Best Deals on Fancy Blenders

Do you need a super fancy blender in your new home? No, but, like the Ninja Coffee Bar, Target is cutting the price of the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ Personal Blender in half for Black Friday, giving you a guilt free opportunity to experience the joy of having super fancy appliances in your brand new kitchen.

Best Deals on Air Purifiers

You need a good air purifier in your home. Even though new homes have better indoor air quality than used houses, investing in a good air purifier will keep your family healthy and happy. Dyson’s air purifier is $150 off at Best Buy during Black Friday, so you can easily ensure your new home is a healthy home.

Best Deals on Vacuums

Nobody wants to spend their holidays thinking about vacuums, but you will need one to keep the plush carpet in your new home fresh. Best Buy has great deals on all types of floor cleaners, including $200 worth of savings on the Dyson Ball Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum. Best Buy also offers Black Friday deals of $50 off Roombas, because some people would rather let a cute, app-controlled robot handle their vacuuming.

Black Friday is a great time to save lots of money and outfit your brand new home with great appliances. If you are building a new home, let us know in the comment section below if you plan to supply your own appliances and why.

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