What are The Latest and Best Kitchen and Bath Products Out There?

Smart tech and dual load features make laundry less of a chore with Samsung’s FlexWash and FlexDry machines.

Smart tech and dual load features make laundry less of a chore. Photo Courtesy of Samsung Home Appliances

Every year, thousands of design professionals gather at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show to check out the latest products and trends. Walking around the massive exhibit halls at Orlando’s convention center in January, these pros also spotted the distinctive Best of KBIS Award entries at numerous booths. Here are this year’s winners for your own consideration:

Best of Kitchen Gold: Snap Panel Lighting from Tresco Lighting by Rev-A-Shelf

Tresco has come up with an ingenious solution for adding lighting below translucent countertops or behind translucent backsplashes. Why might you want lighting there? Well, you can add a night light effect or accent lighting for added drama. LEDs are long-lasting, which makes them perfect for this purpose. Each panel is a 12-inche square, with 16 individual ultra-thin snap-off 3-inch squares that can be connected in whatever shape and size you need.

Best of Kitchen Silver: FlexWash + FlexDry by Samsung Electronics

Laundry may never be your favorite chore, but it has gotten easier with new technology like this pair. Samsung’s FlexWash and FlexDry machines let you handle multiple loads at the same time, with smart phone features built in to manage the process. Imagine starting a load of laundry from work and having it ready to dry when you get home. The multiple load feature means doing delicates or diapers at the same time as the family’s towels in separate compartments.

Best of Bath Gold: Grid by Kallista

If you saw the handsome black geometry of the Grid faucet sitting on a shelf, you may not immediately realize that it’s a widespread bathroom sink faucet. Inspired by the Cubist and Midcentury Modern movements, and created with 3-D printing technology, this minimalistic fixture will make a dramatic statement in a powder room. It wouldn’t be surprising to see it at the famed Museum of Modern Art in future years.

Best of Bath Silver: D-KAURI designed by Daniel Germani for Cosentino

For years, high-end homeowners with modern tastes have been hiding their kitchen fixtures and appliances behind sleek, stylish cabinetry. Now the “hidden” kitchen trend has moved into the bathroom with an enclosed vanity unit. Named for its ancient, stunning New Zealand Kauri wood, it also includes a white Dekton trough sink, mirror, LED lighting and faucet.
Best of Smart Home Technology – Front Load Washer with QuickDrive by Samsung Electronics

In addition to winning Kitchen Silver, Samsung captured the first-ever Best of Smart Home Technology KBIS Award for its speedy clothes washer. It also features the app-driven laundry assistant, so you can start or check a load from your smart phone, but it’s going to complete your wash 35 percent faster than comparable machines, the manufacturer reports.

Best of Show: Grid by Kallista

It’s probably not surprising that Grid won Best in Show this year. It embodies the style and smarts that judges, designers and homeowners look for, and embodies several trends seen around the show floor, namely a tech tie-in with its 3-D printing manufacturer, black finish and streamlined luxe looks.

Last Words

Awards are great for sharing ideas for your next remodeling project, but that doesn’t mean that every show winner should make its way to your home. Choose those that make sense for your life, your budget, your needs and your taste so that everything makes sense together.
Jamie Gold is a certified kitchen designer in San Diego and the author of New Kitchen Ideas That Work (Taunton Press). She is currently writing the New Bathroom Idea Book.

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