Unique Hardware That Takes Your New Home’s Cabinets to the Next Level

Crystal cabinet knobs with crystals encrusted in gold covering.

Think of cabinet hardware as the jewelry of your home, like these crowned quartz knobs that look like luxe earrings. Photo courtesy of Anthropologie.

When planning a dream home, it’s easy to overlook your cabinet hardware. After all, you need to decide how you actually feel about terrazzo flooring in your bathroom and if you want an airy open floor plan or a space with plenty of cozy nooks.

Don’t let picking the right cabinet hardware get lost in the hustle and bustle of the construction process. After all, you have to choose a color scheme and interior materials while picking upgrades that improve your life and fit your budget.

Think of cabinet knobs and pulls as the jewelry of each room. Cabinet hardware is one of the many small details that add up when it comes to making your house a home. Builder showrooms and design centers offer homeowners beautiful options for their cabinet knobs and pulls. You can also choose from other retailers, since cabinet hardware is easily installed.

Here at NewHomeSource, we found the best cabinet hardware for every style, to help put the finishing touches on your cabinets. Scroll through our list to see if any of our picks could work in your new home.

Spiraling silver cabinet pull from Wayfair.

Double Rounded-End Birdcage Cabinet Pull

We love how elegant this satin nickel cabinet pull from Wayfair looks. The spiraling form of this pull would add a lovely organic form to contemporary cabinets or give a polished look to more bohemian styles.

Two silver cabinet pulls with classic look by CozyChiccc on Etsy.

Decorative Chrome Dresser Handle

This ornate dresser handle from the CozyChiccc Etsy shop adds a touch of the baroque to any space. For a polished space or rooms that you want to feel luxurious, this pull is reminiscent of Corinthian Columns and adds the perfect dash of luxury.

Red art deco glass cabinet knob shaped like an octagon.

Royal Red Glass Knob

This is not your grandmother’s “crystal” cabinet knob. This deep red octagon-shaped glass piece of hardware from Cool KnobsandPulls.com could give a room just the right amount of funky or could work as an Art Deco addition.

Organic cabinet stone-like handle with zigzags and heart-shaped cabinet pull.

Tarantina Handle

We want everything from Anthropologie, including this slate-like cabinet pull. This imitation stone pull has versatile style and could add the perfect finishing touch to any modern farmhouse, minimalist pad or bohemian retreat.

Arabesque cabinet knob with ornate veining.

Calathea Knob

This Arabesque knob from Anthropologie looks luxurious and adds just the right amount of shine to a room. Just imagine the gold lines reflecting a soft light as you open your kitchen cabinet to reach up for your favorite mug for your morning cup of tea.

Crystal cabinet knobs with crystals encrusted in gold covering.

Crowned Quartz Knob

Bring the drama and show the world whose home is the best with these beautiful quartz cabinet knobs from Anthropologie. If you love luxury and shine, you cannot go wrong by augmenting your cabinets with these stunning knobs, which look like luxurious earrings. See, jewelry of the home.

Cabinet knob that looks like a sea urchin shell.

Sea Urchin Shell

If you love coastal styles, you need these sea urchin shell cabinet knobs from the undun Etsy shop. This knob could also add a touch of whimsy to a child’s bathroom that could grow with them. Even though they look realistic, these resin knobs are much more durable than actual shell.

Once you go down the cabinet hardware rabbit hole, you will not want to come back up. There are so many unique knobs and pulls that can transform your cabinets from a functional piece to a unique design element.

Which piece of hardware is your favorite? Would you consider using them in your new home? Let us know in the comments below.

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