CEDIA Best New Products for 2018: Convenient Technology for Your New Home

Samsung’s The Wall television. Photo courtesy of Samsung Electronics America.

See what's new in the home tech world with CEDIA's list of Best New Products for 2018.

You may only know two of the award-winning company names, but that doesn’t mean these CEDIA Best New Products for 2018 won’t make it into your home. Many of them are high on the list for home technology consultants, and many homeowners are seeking out these pros to help them set up their automation, entertainment, security and climate control systems. CEDIA is the home technology professionals’ and manufacturers’ association, and the name of its annual trade show, which was most recently held in San Diego in September 2018.

CEDIA TV Room Award Winner. Photo Courtesy of © CEDIA 2018. Used with permission. Project completed by CEDIA Member ETC of West Palm Beach, FL.

This year's award winners let you watch TV with better pictures, sound and streaming. Photo Courtesy of © CEDIA 2018. Used with permission. Project completed by CEDIA Member ETC of West Palm Beach, FL. 

This is the line-up of new gear CEDIA has dubbed worthy this year, based on innovation, overall value, and what these items can do for our homes:

AirTV:Cut the cord

Watch local TV anywhere, without a cable company. AirTV connects a single off-air antenna with your home network to seamlessly stream local channels in high definition throughout your house and even outside. You can watch your favorite local channels for free and combine it with the Sling TV streaming app.

Barco Residential’s Prometheus III Home Cinema Projector

This is a premium system that delivers dazzling contrast and color to home theaters. It features 4K and advanced transmission so you don’t miss a bead of sweat on your favorite football player’s brow or period detail on the historical film you’re screening.

Cleerline SSF-CLEERFIBER Cable

This winner is all about fiber optic speed, reliability and aesthetics. If you want the capability to get great viewing and audio, but not a lot of messy cords, this technology is for you. CLEERFIBER lets you have all three without penetrating walls, which is great for someone who wants to add home theater capability without remodeling. The cable can be run inconspicuously along baseboards or ceilings, up walls, or directed almost anywhere for easy indoor cable placement. Imagine the possibilities!

LumaStream Indirect Down Light: Indirect 6 Inch Dimmable LED Fixture

low profile, low glare, low voltage fixture delivers energy efficient LED lighting in just about any room where you need it, and it can be dimmed. It comes in round or square and is rated for 50,000-plus hours of low glare use.

NAD Masters M17 V2 Preamp Processor

This piece of equipment is all about high performance surround sound for your home theater. It includes the audio for ultra-high definition (UHD) 4K video, Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD Master Audio (both similar to what you see at the start of a movie at the multiplex), streaming and multi-room audio. This is for the hard-core film aficionado.

MSE Audio’s Phase Technology OS-440 outdoor amplifier

Outdoor living has come a long way in the last decade and this weatherproof amp is emblematic. It’s got Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so you can stream your favorite streaming channel outside. It’s also compatible with voice control packages, so your patio parties will get a serious upgrade.

Samsung’s The Wall television

Samsung’s The Wall television. Photo courtesy of Samsung Electronics America. 

Supersize your TV viewing experience. Photo courtesy of Samsung Electronics America. 

This 146 inch LED screen is not only massive, it’s slim and vibrant. It uses micro LED technology and high dynamic range (HDR) to create a more detailed picture. There aren’t many homes that can accommodate a television this large – and its price has not yet been released – but for those that can afford the space and potential cost, this TV will take your home entertainment experience to another level.

SnapAV’s Autonomic Streaming Soundbar and TuneBridge App

Pictures are just one part of the home entertainment experience and we tend to celebrate them with big, bold screens. On the other hand, the equipment that delivers their accompanying sound tends to get hidden – at least in the decades since the massive floor speakers went obsolete. This product has a minimalistic look and can interact with your TV or favorite streaming service to deliver sound through a much better speaker than your Android’s or iPhone’s.

Sony VPL-VW885ES 4K HDR Laser Home Theater Projector

Another gorgeous way to watch TV and movies at home, this projector delivers 4K HDR laser clarity. The compact projector delivers a massively brilliant image, without demanding massive space in your entertainment zone. It will demand a somewhat massive expenditure, though, with a price tag close to $25,000.

Last words

A 12-foot or $25,000 TV may not be your thing, and that’s perfectly OK. The value in many of these professional caliber products is that the technology filters down to the everyman (and woman) level sooner or later. These days, with the rapid pace of technology development, it’s often sooner that the rest of us get to enjoy more brilliant pictures, cleaner sound in sleeker spaces and more interactivity with the phones we live by, so none of us has to become a technologist or millionaire ourselves to enjoy our favorite shows and movies in style.

Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS, MCTWC is a wellness design consultant, Certified Kitchen Designer and the author of the New Bathroom Idea Book and New Kitchen Ideas That Work, (Taunton Press). Jamie can be found online at jamiegold.net.

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