5 Clothing Stores with Awesome Home Goods

Cute Clothes AND Cute Home Goods!

The Boro Star Console from Anthroplogie features white star-like bursts on an indigo background.

Need a stylish console? Look no further than one of your favorite clothing stores: Anthropologie’s Boro Star console is a beauty in any home.

Dedicated home goods stores are not the only companies looking to bring nice furniture at an affordable price to consumers. Retail giants have started to branch out into lifestyle brands capable of competing with Ikea with beautiful products and budget-friendly prices.

If you have a new home you want to decorate, or you just want an excuse to look at new furniture and home goods, look to stores where you already shop, for goods tailored to your style and your budget.

H&M Home’s rose-colored wool-blend rug has black diagonals overlaying each other in lines.

1. H&M Home

H&M Home has beautiful products for every room in your home. Lovers of budget Scandinavian décor will love this alternative to ubiquitous Ikea products. (And, you can probably find an affordable cute top while you’re at it.)

This leopard print vase from Zara Home is a classy, sleek look for any new home.

2. Zara Home

Zara Home sells anything you could possibly need in a home. The pieces, ranging from textiles to furniture, have clean, classic styles with tweaks that make them unique and fun.

The Boro Star Console from Anthroplogie features white star-like bursts on an indigo background.

3. Anthropologie

Anthropologie sells beautiful home goods that match their effortlessly stylish clothing lines. This quirky classic home good line puts a unique spin on classic pieces for a one-of-a-kind vibe.

A gray midcentury modern polyester tufted sleeper sofa with a eucalyptus wood frame by Urban Outfitters sits near a rose-pink wall in a living room.

4. Urban Outfitters

If you love trendy bohemian styles and decorating on a budget, you will love Urban Outfitters’ home line. Urban Outfitters markets to Millennials, but their beautiful plant selection, unique textiles and statement pieces look great in any new home.

Target’s Threshold Oak Wood Tripod Floor Lamp stands on three oak wood legs with a white round lampshade.

5. Target

You cannot make a list of retail stores that have moved into the home goods market without mentioning Target. Their high-profile Hearth & Hand collaboration with Magnolia Home, eclectic selections ranging from farmhouse styles to bohemia to modern and affordable pricing has made Target’s home goods staples for anyone wanting to decorate a home on a budget.

Explore these stores for find the perfect piece for your home or just for inspiration for your home décor Pinterest Board. Do you have a favorite find from a non-traditional home goods store? Let us know in the comments what you got and why you love it.
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