Considering the 55-Plus Community

Considering the 55-Plus Community

Both young and active adults living in the same area.

Today, more and more retirees are considering moving to a 55+ community. Here’s what today’s home shoppers have to say!

Are you considering living in a 55-plus community where you can live out retirement in peace?

Also referred to as an active adult community, 55-plus neighborhoods are generally restricted to residents above the age of 55 and their guests. Additionally, they may also have other rules in place to help preserve the peaceful lifestyle that makes a 55-plus community so appealing.

To help grasp the appeal of 55-plus communities — a type of paradise filled with people of the same age with similar interests, where maintenance is minimal and where there are plenty of amenities and activities to keep you as active and as social as you want to be — researchers of the 
New Home Source Insights Panel discussed the 55-plus community lifestyle among prospective home shoppers on why they might consider such a place.

Here’s what the team found:

55+ Consideration by the Numbers

The New Home Source Insights Panel research team interviewed thousands of home shoppers to gauge interest in 55-plus communities and what would motivate them to live in one. In total, more than 80 percent of these shoppers would at least consider living in a single-family home within an active adult community.

To break it down even further, 31 percent of these home shoppers said they would definitely consider an active adult community, 26 percent said they probably would, 25 percent said maybe, 12 percent said probably not and only 7 percent said that a 55-plus active adult community was definitely not for them.

55-Plus Consideration Explained

Of those who said they definitely would consider this type of community, here’s why (quotes remain anonymous to protect data and our panelists' identities):

  • “I now live by myself and I am really looking for a place to retire with a sense of community. It would be very convenient to have a 55-plus community provide me with activities to enjoy and explore while making new friends.”
  • “My husband and I no longer have young children and would welcome a community that is more peaceful. Also, most adult communities have exercise facilities, which we would enjoy using. It would also give us the opportunity to make new friends of similar ages.”
  • “Being part of the broader community of people and society and having a space that is solely your own.”
  • “Because we are both seniors and will consider a community that is created for senior citizens. Activities, maintenance and older neighbors would be welcomed.”
  • “My age is definitely a consideration in the future. I think it would be nice to be in a community offering things to do in my age group.”

Here’s what those who noted that they probably would consider a 55+ community had to say:

  • “Because I’m getting older, though not retired, and I think it would be better for me socially to be in a 55-plus community.”
  • “Maintenance costs are very high, so getting a home with low or negligible maintenance is a wonder for a retired person like me.”
  • “For security reasons,amenitiesand convenience of surrounding shopping centers.”
  • “Because these type of communities offer a great deal of activities designed for the older individual and are typically close to shopping and medical facilities.”
  • “I would consider because it is a good way to get to know your neighbors and it would also be a good way to be a part of the community.”

And those who were on the fence, and marked that they would maybe consider 55+, said:

  • “It would depend on the area and proximity to family. Also, if there was the opportunity to have acreage.”
  • “I don’t like the idea ofHOA duesand restrictions, but like the idea that I might be with folks of similar interests and age.”
  • “I would like that for myself, but I still have a 17- and 19-year-old living with me at this time.”
  • “I just don’t know what my needs will be in the future.”
  • “I will eventually will be downsizing and my child will be older. I’m ready to have more ‘me’ time.”

Still, some home shoppers thought the 55-plus life just wasn’t for them. Those who remarked that they were not likely to consider this type of community listed these as some of their major concerns:

  • “I have young grandchildren and look forward to summer-long visits.”
  • “We don’t play golf or tennis so we wouldn’t want to pay for amenities we wouldn’t use.”
  • “We want to live in a wooded area with land between us and our closest neighbor.”
  • “I do not think we will move again to a single-family home. Maybe only to a senior living center. We made the decision this time not to go to an active adult community because we are not joiners, so the monthly activity fees do not make sense for us.”
  • “I’m not interested in senior living where everything is done for you. I enjoy doing things on my own and want a diverse neighborhood.”
Drew Knight is a freelance writer for Builders Digital Experience (BDX). You can find him online at LinkedIn.

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