Elegant Design Trends That Active Adults Can Use in Their Homes

Villa One plan by Cachet Homes in Litchfield Park, AZ.

Go for more natural tones like wood cabinets in your kitchen, like in this kitchen from the Villa One plan by Cachet Homes in Litchfield Park, AZ.

Design trends come and go, but sometimes a style you already love starts trending — making it more readily and widely available. Nothing wrong with that! As for the design trends of 2018, we have selected four that if not already among your favorites, we think they should be. These trends are easy  to incorporate into your home, add a feeling of comfort and calm, and come in styles and options for every price range. Ready to start decorating?

Earthy Tones

Earthy tones are not neutrals. They’re just one degree off, but that degree makes all the difference! From sand to peach to terracotta to deep brown, earthy colors are in. These colors can be incorporated through painted walls, textiles, furniture and decorative accessories.

By the way, earthy tones aren’t just an interior design trend this year. They’re also a fashion design trend! From runways to your local department stores, earthy tones are everywhere.

Natural Materials

The design trend of earthy tones goes hand-in-hand with this next trend: natural materials. Wood and stone and leather are all natural materials that are easy to add to the different rooms of your house:

Kitchen: wood cabinets and stone countertops
Dining room: wood or stone table and leather seating
Living room: wood coffee table, wood shelves, leather chairs or sofa
Bedroom: wood or stone side tables
Bathroom: stone countertop

"Marble has made a comeback and will continue to be highlighted in the design world,” says Niki Cheng, co-owner of Calligaris NYC. “The material represents luxury and glamour and pairing marble with gold, rose gold or bronze will make the pieces cutting edge and classic at the same time. The spontaneous grain of marble also reminds me of 'wabi-sabi,' or the art of imperfection, that delivers an inspiring and fresh way to view your home."

For textiles, also consider natural materials like cotton, linen, silk and wool. While microfiber sheets are popular and soft to the touch, they are not a natural material. In fact, they do not allow air to pass through, making it difficult for your body to regulate temperature while sleeping. Unfortunately, microfibers also release microplastics during the laundry cycle, contributing to environmental pollution that is difficult to remove from water supplies and oceans. So not only are natural fibers on trend, they are also best for your body and our planet.


As Niki Cheng hinted at above, metallics are also trending. One of the best things about this particular trend is that you don’t need to change all of the fixtures in your home so everything matches. Mixing metals is part of it! 

Juliet Gold of Juliet Gold Design explains: “I see a continued affection for mixing metal finishes in all areas, from furniture, kitchen and bathroom fixtures to lighting, cabinet hardware and accessories. Copper, bronze, brass, satin brass, gold and black nickel now all work together and are interchangeable.” 

Having just one style or one wall color or one finish is a thing of the past. Overall, there has been a shift away from formality in design, meaning an eclectic, relaxed mix is the way to go.

Soft Curves

Whatever you do in your home, it’s important to create a sense of balance. While earthy tones do help balance hard surfaces like stone and metal, adding soft curves and even soft textiles will create a greater feeling of balance and a welcoming vibe. Curved sofas and armchairs are elegant options, as are round pendant lamps and round pillows.

“Round ball pillows are a bit unexpected and can have a more stylish appeal than the usual square,” explains Cara Woodhouse of Cara Woodhouse Interiors. “The circle is one of my favorite shapes in design because it's organic and eye-catching and adds a funky flair. Plus, circles are known to be celestial and timeless with no beginning or end.” 

For soft materials, consider cashmere and velvet. Velvet is another design trend of 2018, so this luxurious fabric is available everywhere and in every color and style.

Elegant and Affordable

Active adults may not be as swayed by trends as some, but the real-world result of trends is that they make items more available and affordable. If you’re considering a new home or have recently bought one, choosing a popular trend that fits your style is a great way to beautifully and elegantly decorate your home without spending too much.
For the last 16 years, Rachel Kinbar has been a writer of articles, blog posts, white papers, essays, infographics, web copy, sales copy, scripts, poetry, lyrics, and more. She has keen research skills that she applies to a wide variety of topics, and she especially loves topics related to design, history, and sustainable living.

She is the former editorial and marketing director of a creative content agency in Europe, where she resided for 11 years. Now back in the U.S., she is continuing her writing career and with her sister has co-founded Kinship Design Marketing, a boutique agency that provides marketing strategies and content for architects, interior designers, and landscape designers. Rachel resides in Florida with her husband and son. When she is not writing, she is likely reading, tending her plants, or playing with clay.

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