Want to Find the Next Hilton Head? Five Coastal Towns Ready to Boom in 2018

For decades, boomers have been swarming to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. In December 2016 alone, Hilton Head saw 177,653 visitors, with 92.4 percent of time shares booked. But Hilton Head’s time may be waning. Why? The more popular a destination, the higher real estate prices go; which, in turn, means fewer people can afford to visit. With more Americans looking to downsize and find their ultimate lifestyle, now’s the time to take a second look at our top five areas that are going to boom in 2018, before the boom happens.
Laurie Leiker is a published author, business coach and consumer advocate. She spent 10 years as producer and on-air investigator for the Troubleshooter Tom Martino radio show in Denver, Colo., where she helped consumers get back more than $2 million in one year.
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