French Country

A bedroom beautifully furnished and decorated using white items carefully picked out to compliment each other

Stanton 6071 Plan in Pinehurst, Texas, by Village Builders.

The French Country interior design style was inspired by the homes of Provence, France. In today’s terms, French country is a unique form of “rustic chic,” distinctively incorporating antique fabrics and ornamental pieces. Another unique trend of this style is to adorn the spaces above doorways with odds and ends, like porcelain earthenware plates, hand-painted tiles, framed photographs or artwork and wrought-iron pieces, among other things. For interior fabrics, the French country design tends to stick with chic velvet or silky textures, sometimes including monograms, floral accents and antique laces. Color choices tend to include, but are not limited to, pastels, whites and light browns. Antique wooden or iron furniture is also crucial to this style. And, in outdoor spaces, a dining area is also common, featuring roses and vines on a wattle screen, wrought-iron or wooden garden furniture and cushions covered in linen, cotton florals or toile de jouy (a repeated pattern) fabric.

Distinguishing Elements:
• Antique textiles and ornaments
• Ruffles
• Distressed woodwork
• Mixed floral patterns
• Vibrant and subdued hues
• Adorned doorways
• Antique, elegant furniture

Drew Knight is a freelance writer for Builders Digital Experience (BDX). You can find him online at LinkedIn.

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