These 7 Dinnerware Sets Will Take Your Meals From Meh to Oh Yeah!

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Dinnerware with crests and mascot from each of the Hogwarts’ houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Quote from Harry Potter goes around the outer edge of the plate.

Dinnerware with flair, like this Harry Potter set, can make meals magical. Photo courtesy of ThinkGeek.

It’s not very often that folks get excited over their dinnerware, save for registry time for soon-to-be-weds and maybe during the holidays. The initial mental image for many people is the run-of-the-mill, plain white plate that makes you say, “Yep, that’s a plate.”

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way! Food is an art, in and of itself, and dinnerware is a blank canvas that can add something special to every meal. So, rather than suggest boring settings, here are some dinnerware sets that pack a lot of personality and are a wonderful way to make the most of your dining experience in your new home.

White dinnerware set with dark teal, blush pink and mod grey brush strokes and band of gold around the edge of each piece.

1. Abstract Brushstroke Dinnerware Set

Bring out the true artist in you with this picturesque dinnerware set from West Elm. The pieces feature abstract splashes of dark teal, blush pink and mod grey against a white background. Genuine gold leafing ties the color palette together with a dash of glam. It’s functional and a work of art, rolled into one.

Dinnerware set with white base and papel picado-inspired red design on the center of the plate, with blue sunbursts going around the plate and blue and orange bands running around the edges of the plate.

2. Simplemente Delicioso Evita 16-Piece Dinnerware Set, Magenta

Papel picado is the Mexican folk art of cutting intricate patterns into tissue paper to create beautiful designs. This dinnerware set is based on papel picado, demonstrating that this craft is lovely in any medium! The red design on these white plates is almost lace-like, with blue sunbursts and bands of blue and orange. This set is perfect for those who want a little bit of flair from their dinnerware, but don’t want to go over the top.

Dinnerware set including white plates with navy blue bands around the outer edge of plate, smaller plates with thick blue band around the edges with white lettering that says “Made to Order” and white coffee mugs with blue screen and white lettering that says “All Day Specials.”

3. kate spade new york All in Good Taste Order’s Up 12 Piece Set by Lenox

Searching for a dining set that radiates a lighthearted and quirky charm, but is still subtle and easy on the eye? Look no further than this set from Kate Spade New York. The pieces feature fun quotes with a major diner-inspired design, all brought together in a sleek white and navy blue palette. Order up!

A dinnerware set adorned with seashells, starfish and more. The exterior of the mug and bowl displays a wave texture in light teal hue.

4. Venice Dinnerware Set

This dinnerware set by Pfaltzgraff is guaranteed to make a splash at your dining table with aquatic motifs and a simple, yet stunning, two-toned color scheme. The set is adorned with a marine pattern, including images of seashells, starfish and more. The exterior of the mug and bowl displays an elevated wave texture in a lovely light teal hue.

Dinnerware setting with pearlescent gleam, like the inside of an oyster shell.

5. Mikasa Coronado Pearl 4-Piece Place Setting

This ultra unique dining set is sure to wow any dining guests with its striking pearlescent gleam and flowing shapes. The rainbow reflect makes this set more versatile than it may seem at first glance and the undertone of pearl helps to keep the colorful pieces stylish without going overboard.


 Dinnerware set with silhouetted woods scenery, including a log cabin and woodland animals.


6. Wilderness Retreat 32-Piece Dinnerware Set

Who needs to go camping when you can enjoy the wilderness right in the comfort of your own dining room? This dinnerware set, also from Pfaltzgraff, takes you on a trip to the great outdoors with silhouetted scenery of the woods, including a log cabin and majestic creatures, big and small. In addition, the minimalistic artwork is placed on a wood background that wraps this set up perfectly for the wild at heart.

Dinnerware with crests and mascot from each of the Hogwarts’ houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Quote from Harry Potter goes around the outer edge of the plate.

7. Harry Potter Hogwarts House 16-Piece Dinner Set

This gorgeous Harry Potter-themed dinner set from ThinkGeek proves that fandom and décor truly can come together seamlessly. These pieces feature illustrations representing each house that compose Hogwarts on a sophisticated background of white and gold ceramic. For Harry Potter superfans, this set will undoubtedly make meals more magical than ever before.

Dinnerware isn’t just a vessel for food — it’s an opportunity to express yourself in new ways. It can reflect who you are and what you love. Dinnerware can be creative, fun, dazzling or all of the above. Make sure to take advantage of your mealtimes and find a dinnerware set that speaks to both your soul and your stomach.

Katherine West is a freelance writer for NewHomeSource, where she contributes articles on topics related to home and lifestyle.

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