American Homebuyers Embrace Emerging Technology in the Home

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As more people embrace smart home technology, they expect that tech to be available in their new homes.

Americans embrace cutting-edge technology in all aspects of their life, including in their homes and during the home buying process.

The Coldwell Banker Real Estate Survey by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC, found that smart home technology is becoming the new normal for perspective homebuyers’ feature wish list. The December 2017 survey also found that more than two-thirds of home shoppers wanted to take virtual reality tours of new homes before seeing them in person.

Modern homebuyers increasingly expect technology in the new home they explore and as a streamlining factor in the homebuying process. New home shoppers want a convenient homebuying process and want to invest in a home that facilitates comfortable living. The interest in infusing the home with technology is one way homebuyers plan on maximizing the benefits of their new home.

The Rise of the Smart Home

Technology that used to live in science fiction has entered our daily lives. Connected smart home technology is quickly becoming a way for builders to stand out when selling to clients interested in luxury properties.

The Coldwell Banker survey found that Americans have a strong interest in smart home technology. Thirty-two percent of homeowners have installed smart home products, a 33-percent increase from 2016. The increased installation of smart home features mirrors the vast majority of potential homebuyers’ preference for connected homes.

The top smart products mentioned by home shoppers revolve around keeping the home comfortable and safe and included:
• Smart thermostats
• Smart fire and carbon monoxide detectors
• Smart security systems
• Smart locks
• Smart lighting systems

Making Dream Homes Reality with Virtual Reality Home Tours

Home shoppers’ preference for virtual reality home tours show that this technology has practical business uses. Poised to become the next big thing in real estate, virtual reality home tours are preferred by 77 percent of homebuyers before they actually visit prospective homes or a sales center.

In addition to leveraging virtual reality to familiarize themselves with available homes for sale, a majority of home shoppers indicated that they saw value in using virtual reality to see how their own furniture could fit in a prospective home. Builders that leverage practical virtual reality can help streamline the homebuying process as well as make the process feel exciting.

New technologies are becoming normal within the home and during the home buying process. Would you ever take a virtual reality tour of a new home? Do you have smart home products or features on your wish list for your new home? Let us know in the comments below.

Infographic about Coldwell Banker survey found that American homebuyers embrace technology in the home and increasingly expect smart home technology and VR experiences during the home shopping process.
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