How to Plan Before Visiting a Builder Design Center

Color swatches, new home floor plans,  fabric and flooring samples spread on a table for buyers to make decisions

Preparing for your visit to your builder’s design center will make your trip fun and stress free.

Home to an almost endless supply of paint colors, granite patterns, cabinet styles and more, builder design centers lay out every new home design and décor option imaginable.

Visits to builder showrooms are exciting; homeowners get to personalize their new home and take an active role in deciding on the design.

Homeowners that visit design centers with a clear idea of what they can afford to spend and what they want leave knowing they have taken a step to creating a home tailored to their personal style and lifestyle.

When you visit a design center to decide how you want your new home to look, plan ahead to avoid stress and wasting time. Make the most out of your trip to your builder’s showroom with these planning tips.

Know Your Budget

Going into a builder showroom without a clear understanding of your budget, or not having one at all, ensures your home will cost more than expected. Before you go to your builder’s design center, be honest with yourself about how much you can afford to spend on upgrades and additional features. If upgrades fit into your budget, determine your must-haves and nice-to-haves before your design appointment to make sure you put the extra money into the right upgrades.

Understand Your Lifestyle

How you live should impact the design choices you make for your new home. You need to have a realistic grasp on your lifestyle before you start trying to design your new home. Think about where your family spends their time and what appliances and features they use in the home. Be honest with yourself about cleaning habits and how easily you complete certain chores. Think about how you can leverage your design choices to make your daily life simple and comfortable.

When you go to the design center, stay focused on picking the right styles and colors of the chosen options and upgrades, without getting distracted.Pick (And Stick With) a Color Pallet

Know your colors before you go to a builder’s design center. If you think there is an exception to this rule, then you will get burnt out attempting to see the differences between all the thousands of shades of beige, gray and off-white paint swatches, then trying to match it to everything from flooring options to curtain patterns to the type of granite you want.

Having a color pallet, or even a general idea of your colors, helps ground you as you go through all your options in the showroom.

Prioritize Upgrades that Fit Your Budget and Life

Unless you have an unlimited budget, you should prioritize the upgrades you choose. Instead of going down the list of Pinterest’s trendiest home design options, think back to how you live and what upgrades could make your life better. Families that love to cook could spend their upgrade budget better in their kitchen than in the bathroom. People who love to curl up with a book would enjoy a cozy reading nook.

Before you go to a builder design center, list out the upgrades you want in order of priority. When you go to the design center, stay focused on picking the right styles and colors of the chosen options and upgrades, without getting distracted by options that did not make your list.

Explore Styles You Like

After you know how much you can spend, what upgrades you plan to use your budget for and your color palette, you can start looking at design blogs and magazines you like. Spend some time looking at examples of similar color pallets, floor plans or fixtures that you like for more inspiration and examples of how styles you love can work in your home. Think about how aspects of your personal style will fit with your color palette and your daily habits.

Ensure you have a productive visit to your builder’s design center, free of stress and wasted time. If you plan before you make a trip to a builder design center, you can have fun deciding on all the details of your new home.
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