An open space showing part of the counter kitchen, corridor and a small section of the living room decorated using the industrial theme with a seemingly old yet attractive items.

Sol 2 Plan at Sol Palm Springs, Palm Springs, Calif., by Family Development Group.

A very trendy style in modern interior design, the Industrial style is characterized primarily through exposed pipes, ducts, beams, woods, metals and bricks. Industrial design is primarily found in a loft-type setting. Thus, you’ll find furniture, lighting and accents that feature materials such as metals, piping and wiring, woods and rough surfaces. Because the concept often blends with minimalism, you’ll want to opt for limited, vintage and simple furniture like reclaimed barstools, rough tables and anything you could classify as “shabby chic.” When looking for lighting, aim for floor lamps or pendants, preferably with metal structures. When choosing décor, you’ll want to find items that add a certain softness to the space, which could include plants, comfy couches and scatter cushions. And a few “industrial” accents would be wise as well: maybe an old clock, reclaimed ladder shelving or vintage storage unit.

Distinguishing Elements:
• Exposed brickwork
• Steel structure via beams and columns
• Concrete walls or floors
• Rough timbers, metals
• Vintage furniture, lighting fixtures and accessories
• Open, clutter-free spacing
• Minimalism

Drew Knight is a freelance writer for Builders Digital Experience (BDX). You can find him online at LinkedIn.

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