Interior Design Trends for 2017

A bedroom consisting of a chair, desk, TV screen, cabinets and book-shelf, beautifully decorated using rich colors.

Wondering what you can expect out of 2017 interior design trends? A modern-meets-rustic look is one thing to keep an eye out for.

Hello 2017! We have been waiting for you.

Grey had its moment. It was quiet and serene and we fell for its stone-cold surfaces and elegant textures. But those days are over. 2017 is bigger, bolder, sometimes warmer, and the designers we talked to are glad to usher in an era of interiors (and exteriors) with glowing personality.

Rustic Meets Modern 

Jacklyn Graniczny, a designer at 
Sublime Homes in St. John, Ind., is seeing more and more clients wanting spaces with rough, hand-hewn wood elements, such as a fireplace mantles and ceiling beams. “They are sticking to a natural color palette and instead of bold colors or finishes, we are adding texture to the space with barn-wood-clad walls, a Spanish-knife wall finish or a tumbled-brick accent wall. It becomes a mixed use of iron, stone, wood, textures and natural hues that creates the perfect backdrop to combine modern amenities,” she says.

“Midcentury modern styles are still very popular, although the ‘purist’ midcentury modern style peaked around 2013,” says Schlage Style and Design Chief Ted Roberts, based in 
Carmel, Ind. This leaves more room for interpretation, as well as various abstractions on modernism, such as the rustic look. “Farmhouse and country chic have evolved from dark-toned woods to include lighter wood finishes and softer color schemes,” he says. Blurred lines between midcentury modern and country chic have given birth to modern rustic.

Still in the running are modern geometric patterns, explains Jeffrey Weldler, interior decorating expert at Vänt Wall Panels. Just don’t look for chevron to keep going strong. Chevron overplayed its hand. Instead, you’ll see oversized mod patterns on throw pillows, window coverings, bedding, rugs and wallpaper. 

And who says we can’t enjoy a little geometry underfoot? Hexagon tile flooring mixed with wood is trending, says Michelle Harrison of Michelle Harrison Designs in San Diego, Calif. “Think art at your feet,” she says.

An Indoor Look, Outside 

The looks we’re seeing inside will be found in the garden too. Designer Richard Frinier, whose Caravan Collection of textiles for Sunbrella was just named Best of Year by Interior Design magazine, anticipates “people mixing and matching together different styles of outdoor furniture pieces and accessories to create a much more curated appearance outdoors
 — more similar to how we selectively design and arrange our interior living spaces.” 

Just as rustic and modern can be found at home together, they can also be found in the 
garden. Complete sets of furniture that include seating, tables and other accents will be broken up with a more contemporary use of materials and application of texture and color. “Furniture with some movement and also designs that have a cross-generational appeal are in demand,” says Frinier.

What’s Warm and Shiny All Over?

In 2017, we will continue to use mixed metal finishes, “either in one space or on one piece of furniture,” says Cassandra Cox, interior designer from DirectBuy Response. However, gold will emerge as the most popular among precious metals.

Gold is making a comeback, especially in its more subtle matte form, says Tanya Campbell of Viridis Design Studio in Denver, Colo. “I worked with a homeowner at the end of 2016 and she was the first of my clients to use matte gold finishes throughout the home — for door handles, cabinet knobs, faucets and lighting fixtures. It’s really gorgeous when accented with black.” 

Graniczny explains why gold never quite goes away: “Give it some thought, as a metal that was discovered in the 1st Century B.C., gold is classic, here to stay and works well with many colors and furniture periods.”

While mixed metals were all the rage in 2016, we didn’t see gold and brass as often. But now they’ve evolved from being niche finishes to being much more widely accepted, says Roberts. “At Schlage, we offer a satin brass finish on our door knobs, handles and locks that’s bold without being over the top, with the perfect amount of understated style.”

Into the Clear Blue 

Did you know that more people name blue as their favorite color than any other? Across the world, 42 percent of men and 29 percent of women love blue the most. Other colors pale in comparison, so the rich and splendorous blues of 2017 will be celebrated by designers and homeowners who want to bring more color into their lives.

“We’ve been in this monochromatic design world where everything is one color — grey floor, grey walls, grey countertops and grey cabinets. I had many builders who wanted this and I always broke it up with subtle color changes, but I think people will want a bolder contrast in 2017,” says Tanya Campbell of Viridis Design Studio in Denver, Colo.

Weldler agrees that it’s high time for this shift, and it’s all about the blues.

“Blue evokes a mixture of vitality, relaxation and the great outdoors. Look for Pantone’s Lapis Blue, Niagara and Island Paradise,” Welder says. “Blue tones are a vast shift following 2016’s Pantone’s blush shades like Rose Quartz and Serenity.

Sarah Kinbar is a freelance writer and editor for leading print and online publications. Formerly editor in chief of Garden Design, she has also written and edited for Cottage Living, Modern magazine and Orlando Arts. You can find her on Google+.

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