Our Five Favorite Pieces from Iris Apfel's New Home Line with HSN

A notched headboard from Iris Apfel’s home line with HSN with a starburst effect, with black, white and gold designs.

This unique pattern is just one to choose from for this upholstered notched headboard from Iris Apfel’s new home line with HSN. The collection is as eccentric as Apfel’s signature oversized round glasses. Photo courtesy of HSN.

HSN, one of the top entertainment and lifestyle retailers, has announced it’s partnering with Cloth & Company to bring to a furniture and home accessories line designed by style icon Iris Apfel.

Apfel began her career designing for the home, before switching to clothing and other lines. She returns to her first love — furniture — with this exclusive collection of 94 pieces, featuring headboards, chairs, ottomans and others in 15 fabulous, bold fabric prints inspired by the circus.

The first pieces are now available at HSN. We love the textures, the boldness and the fun these designs inspire. Prices range from a low of $25 for a specially-designed HSN Cares ornament to a high of $739.95 for a gorgeous Parkville chair.

Here are our top five picks from this eclectic collection, in no particular order:

A notched headboard from Iris Apfel’s home line with HSN with a starburst effect, with black, white and gold designs.

1) Upholstered Notched Headboard

This lovely upholstered headboard will bring glamour to any bedroom, no matter which of the four fabric choices you pick. With softer curves than the traditional upholstered headboard, the added notches create a starburst effect, especially brought out with the black, white and gold designs in one of the fabric choices.

A chair from Iris Apfel’s home line with HSN with white and black stripes and floral and circus tent pattern on the cushions.

2) The Parkview Chair

What a chair! Designed to make a statement, the Parkview chair will bring color, texture and lightness to your room. The basic construction of the chair is traditional, with straight lines leading to tapered legs. Add a comfy loose-back cushion in fun fabrics and the room of your dreams will start taking shape.

A storage bench from Iris Apfel’s home line with HSN in white with circus tent and floral pattern.

3) Storage Bench

This storage bench is a great addition to any bedroom, but especially if you have the upholstered notched headboard by Apfel. For an addition of color, choose a complimentary upholstery to the storage bench and suddenly, your room is bright, cheerful and classic, all at the same time. And who couldn’t use extra storage in the bedroom, especially if it’s hidden beneath such class.

A skirted round ottoman from Iris Apfel’s home line with HSN in navy blue with white diamond pattern.

4) Skirted Ottoman

How cute! Apfel’s design of this skirted cocktail ottoman lends sophistication and luxury to any room. Pair it with the Parkview chair and your evening of reading, relaxing or TV watching is complete.

 A curved upholstered screen from Iris Apfel’s home line with HSN in navy blue with white diamond pattern.

5) Curved Upholstered Screen

Remember the old movies, when the leading lady would dress and undress behind a screen? Be the leading lady in your own life by adding this classic upholstered screen to your bedroom. Alone or paired with other items in the Apfel collection, this piece adds to the overall feeling of a time gone by. The tri-fold screen is upholstered on both sides, so you’re surrounded by class.

As HSN builds out the Apfel collection of furniture, more fabrics and styles of furniture will be available on their website. In the meantime, take a look at the wonderful world of Iris Apfel. Take advantage of the early release of these first patterns and designs to add luxury, sophistication and classic look and feel to your home.
Laurie Leiker is a published author, business coach and consumer advocate. She spent 10 years as producer and on-air investigator for the Troubleshooter Tom Martino radio show in Denver, Colo., where she helped consumers get back more than $2 million in one year.

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