Is a Master-Planned New Home Community Right for You?

Is a Master-Planned New Home Community for You?

Is a Master-Planned New Home Community for You?

Relocating soon? Or just looking for a community that’s different, has tons of amenities, is in a spot that’s both walkable and not crowded and has opportunities to know you neighbors?
A master-planned community — a large community or even small city that’s been planned with lots of amenities like community centers, parks, walking trails and swimming pools and may have commercial offerings such as restaurants and other entertainment — may have everything you’ve been looking for.

A few top benefits, aside from the amenities, of master-planned communities include:

1) A place to meet new people
2) Amenities to help residents stay active
3) Opportunities for residents to explore new hobbies.

Some top master-planned communities go above and beyond, offering unique amenities such as water parks, lagoons, tree houses, community ambassadors (dogs!), learning labs and community gardens.

For those who relocating to a different state, a master-planned community is a good place to meet other families who understand what it’s like to move to a place where you don’t know many other folks.

“Relocation means uprooting your entire family and everything of your life that you’ve known and moving and having to start all over,” says Niki Davis, who lives in Americana, a master-planned community in Zachary, La. She moved with her husband and two children from Texas. “We realized that there were a lot of people in the community that have moved here based off of relocation, which makes it’s easier on us. They understand what we’ve gone through and we understand what they’ve gone through.”

Chris Mestayer agrees. She appreciates the friendly atmosphere of Americana that she’s experience with her husband and daughter.

“When you see a moving van out (in the neighborhood) and you see people moving in, you see neighbors walk out and say ‘hi, I’m going to be your neighbor!’” she says. “That’s really nice. You may not see that in a regular subdivision and it’s a way that somebody can feel welcome when they don’t know anyone.”

If you haven’t considered a master-planned community to build your new home, it’s time to look at the many benefits of this type of community. To start your new-home search today, visit NewHomeSource

Patricia L. Garcia is an award-winning journalist and former content manager for NewHomeSource. You can find her on Google+.

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