So Many Apps, So Little Time: How to Manage Your Smart Home

Managing Your Smart Home

So Many Apps, So Little Time: How to Manage Your Smart Home

Whether you’re adding smart home devices slowly to your new home or you’ve already wired in everything needed for a ready-to-go smart home, you may have noticed that managing all the smart home devices in your home can be tough.

But, homebuilders are quickly offering homes that are smart and easy to use. Such smart home technology was on full display at The New American Home 2018 at the Bella Colina new-home community in Montverde, Fla., just outside Orlando. The show home was unveiled at the International Builders Show in Orlando in January.

The home features the latest in home design — inside and out — and a bevy of smart home features that makes life easier to manage. The Tuscan-style home built by Winter Park, Fla.-based Legacy Custom Built Homes is a clever balance of design and technology.

The home features a control room where all home automation is handled. From automated shades and automated lighting, entertainment, temperature, and security systems, the home allows homeowners to easily control different elements with the push of a button on a mobile device.

These devices can also be synced with a personal assistant such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home to make voice control simpler for homeowners.
While the show home is at the forefront of smart home technology, we are already seeings more newly built homes of all budgets starting to include these smart home features.

Managing Your Smart Home, Made Easy
One common complaint from homeowners who have a variety of smart home devices is that it’s difficult and inconvenient to connect them all. Often, devices have apps that work independent of each other, so you have lots of apps to download and manage.

However, manufacturers are quickly catching on. Systems such as Wink are starting to allow homeowners to control all their smart home devices through one app. However, those who are not so tech-savvy may still have trouble connecting the apps. That’s where Brilliant comes in. The smart light switch is a control panel that allows folks to connect all their devices.
“If you know how to install a light switch, then you can install a smart home control panel that gives you touch and voice control over all your smart home products,” says Scott Dunlap, Brilliant’s chief product officer. “(Brilliant compresses) everything that you need to do smart home control into one single device that goes over light switches — there’s no wiring, there’s no custom installation, there’s no custom configuration.”

That easy-to-install and easier-to-use approach won Brilliant a 2018 Mark of Excellence award from the Consumer Technology Association and CE Pro at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Such forward-thinking and problem solving is what will help businesses be successful in a smart world. Consumers are expecting smart home solutions, not just products that can do fun things. As smart home devices continue to solve problems for everyday Americans in an affordable, quick and easy way, the smart home will quickly be a normal part of homebuying.

Patricia L. Garcia is an award-winning journalist and former content manager for NewHomeSource. You can find her on Google+.

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