An example of a room with glass doors and beautifully decorated with grey and white and overlooking a swimming pool outside

Modern Villa Plan at Alta Verde Monte Sereno in Palm Springs, Calif., by Alta Verde Group.

Modernism began as a rejection of the ornate and decorative flourishes used in many other design styles of the early 1930s, such as Victorian and Gothic. Because of this, Modern design has a very distinct and bold look that mirrors the rebellion of the Modernist movement, reinforcing a “less-is-more” attitude about design. Modern interior design utilizes clean, straight lines with no adornment or detail. Everything from the furniture, the shape of the room and the artwork uses clean, sparse and unassuming lines. Spare furnishings and minimal accessories are characterizations of Modern design, along with open floor plans, a lack of window and door trim and built-in storage units instead of freestanding shelves or cupboards. It is not uncommon to see a great deal of metal, chrome and glass architectural pieces throughout Modern design, especially in furniture and hardware such as door handles and faucets. The majority of Modern style homes use a neutral color palette utilizing shades of black and white throughout. Bold accent colors are sometimes used to break up a space and add visual interest; usually primary colors, you might expect to see large abstract artwork, colorful accent walls or textiles using bold patterns and colors. 

Distinguishing Elements:
● Clean, straight lines
● Use of metal and glass
● Lack of clutter
● Bold accent colors, as well as neutral cool colors

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