New Home Options That Will Maximize Resale Value

View from above of the interior of a house. There is a dining room to the right while the sitting room gas sofas and a little wooden table in the center.

Let there be light! Investing in high-quality windows from the outset will not only help bring natural light into your home, helping to beautify it, but it is also a good investment. The Bainbridge III plan, built by Orleans Homes. The Prairie Trail community. Lake Villa, Ill.

The process of building and buying your new home is an exciting — and sometimes overwhelming — time that is fraught with a whole lot of decision making.

From the layout to the lighting options, choices abound. When it comes time to decide on the upgrades and options that will help turn your new house into a home, it’s important to think for the future, steer clear of trends and select only those upgrades that will give you the most bang for your buck.

After talking to several industry experts, we’re here to suggest some popular new home options that will not only beautify your new living space, but will also maximize your home’s resale value should you decide to sell:

Option 1: Windows

A key feature in every room of your home, windows are paramount when it comes to lighting and beautifying a room. According to Matthew Kraus of Skyline Windows, “Many people don’t realize it, but windows are actually a very important investment. Not only can quality windows yield significant savings for homeowners throughout the years, but they can also increase the resale value of your home. Furthermore, windows also enhance the quality of your life by eliminating noise, harmful UV rays and adding to the beauty of your residence.”

Windows tend to be very expensive to change, so Kraus suggests that homeowners invest in high-performing quality windows from the get go. “Although quality windows may cost more upfront than alternatives, they will actually save homeowners more money in the long run, he says. “A properly installed, high-performance window will retain more heat during the winter and cool air during the summer; effectively lowering energy costs. Not to mention that quality windows are less likely to have service issues.”

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Option 2: Kitchens

Often considered a home’s main gathering and entertaining spot, kitchens are ripe with upgrade opportunities and will benefit greatly from the added attention to detail. “Just about any kitchen expansion or added feature will add value to your home,” says Mark A. Mitchell, a real estate broker in Charleston. “Especially those that open the kitchen up to the home’s living or family room.” 

A great way to add both value and style to your kitchen is by upgrading the cabinetry and drawer systems. Custom and semi-custom cabinetry will enable you to pick from a wider variety of finishes and higher-quality materials, as well as specialty options such as in-cabinet lighting and soft-close drawer slides. Deepening the cabinetry and expanding them upward to the ceiling will provide valuable space while also adding drama and elegance to the room. 

Going green is another popular and money-saving upgrade, says Jenna Pizzigati-Coppla, owner of Pizzigati Designs in New York City. “Buyers are more interested in sustainable and responsible fixture options in their home. Be sure to purchase Energy Star and efficient kitchen appliances; buyers love these options because they are guaranteed to save a significant amount of money in the long run.”

Other popular upgrades that will make your kitchen the star of the show include: large center islands with seating and storage, undercounter lighting and granite countertops (though these have now become standard in many new kitchens). Oft considered a no-brainer upgrade, stainless steel appliances get a mixed review among experts. “They are a fad and are really hard to clean,” says blogger and draftsman Cher-Ann Texter. “Plus, if there are any dents, they stick out like a sore thumb.” Nancy Dalton of Baywolf Dalton, Inc. disagrees and considers stainless steel appliances a sought-after upgrade that will add value to the home. 

Option 3: Flooring

Drawn on, spilled on and trampled daily, a home’s flooring really takes a beating. Because you want to keep this workhorse feature looking great, it’s ideal to upgrade your flooring from the start. If budget allows, experts suggest upgrading from laminate to wood or another natural alternative. Carpeting and underlay should be both plush and stain-resistant, especially in the home’s high-traffic areas. 

When it comes to flooring options, Pizzigati-Coppola suggests going for the natural, long-lasting alternative. “This is another area in which I highly recommend that my clients go with eco-friendly and sustainable options. I love to use bamboo, which is naturally sustainable, extremely durable and long lasting — another huge upgrade in desirability for your home.”

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By the Numbers: 

According to Hanley Wood’s 
2015 Cost vs. Value Report, some upgrades retain their value far better than others. Among mid-range projects, the top-five best values were:

  • steel entry door replacement with 102 percent recouped costs,
  • manufactured stone veneer (92 percent),
  • garage door replacement (88 percent),
  • siding replacement (81 percent) and
  • a deck addition (81 percent).

Some home additions/upgrades that didn’t fare as well included a sunroom addition (49 percent), a home office remodel (49 percent) and a bathroom addition (58 percent). 

Where Not to Spend Your Money:

With so many upgrades and options available, it’s 
hard to stay focused when designing your dream home. While it’s important to make your house satisfy your needs and tastes, keep in mind that not all upgrades will give you a return on your investment.

Industry experts suggest not putting your upgrade dollars toward these options: specialty driveways, high-end plumbing features, jetted soaking tubs and swimming pools. “I’ve seen people spend $100,000 on a pool and outdoor features only to have buyers completely rip them out and start over,” says Mitchell.

To learn more about choosing options, check out our 
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Jennifer Segelke Jeffers is a contributor to New Home Source.

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