The Pinterest 100 and What It Means for Home Décor

A luxury spa bath like this one in the Plan 3 by The New Home Company at Avanti in Calabasas, CA, includes white marbled tile, a glass-enclosed shower, soaker tub and white double vanities.

A luxury spa bath like this one in the Plan 3 by The New Home Company at Avanti in Calabasas, Calif., will be popular in 2018.

The Pinterest 100 aggregates data from users’ pins to come up with the top trends for 2018 in fields ranging from food to fashion and everything in between.

According to Pinterest, the predictions for top trends in 2018 home décor show users’ desires for luxurious spaces, bold design and unique homes.

Pinterest’s Top Home Décor Trends for 2018

• Spa bathrooms
• Mixed metals
• Statement ceilings and doors
• Terrazzo flooring
• Bone inlaid tiles
• Herringbone patterns
• Patterned plants
• Big wall art
• The color sage

Opt for Luxury

In 2018, Pinterest expects home décor trends to favor high-end fixtures and materials that create luxurious spaces and rooms. Our homes are our castles and the desire to transform the home into a luxurious retreat is evident in the increased pins of spa bathrooms, terrazzo flooring and bone inlaid tiles.

You can easily incorporate the luxurious trends Pinterest predicts for 2018 home décor into your new home. When choosing options for your new home, ask your builder if they have flooring with terrazzo or bone inlaid tile. Creating a spa retreat worthy of your Pinterest board from scratch is a good option that can save you time, money and stress.

Go Bold in Your Home

As 2017 ended and Pinterest users looked to 2018, pins shifted away from stark, minimalistic styles and toward bold trends. Pins highlighting mixed metal fixtures, statement ceilings, colorful doors, patterned plants and big wall art shot through the roof.

Embracing these Pinterest trends and making bold choices in your new home can be as simple as picking dramatic, large-scale art for your walls.

If you love the idea of making a statement with 2018 home décor trends, work with your builder to incorporate colorful doors and statement ceilings in your rooms when you pick out your color palette. You can also work with the staff at your builder’s design center to determine the best way to incorporate mixed metal fixtures in your kitchen and bathrooms.

Sage Surprise

One of the biggest shocks to come of the Pinterest 100 was the popularity of the color sage over Pantone’s Color of the Year, Ultra Violet. While you can find great advice for using Ultra Violet all over the Internet, popular pins indicate that the calming, almost-neutral shades of sage are going to be front and center in 2018.

Have you seen the Pinterest 100? If so, what are your favorite predicted trends for 2018 and do you plan to try them out in your home? Let us know in the comments.
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