QUIZ Which Home Style is Right for You

Our quiz can help you determine which home style is right for you.

Looking to build a new home but not quite sure which type of home suits your style?

Take a go at this quiz, which could help you discover which home style is right for you.

1. Which of these do you hold most important in regard to curb appeal?

A) Current and fashionable architecture.
B) Quaint, whimsical appearance.
C) A large and classic front porch.
D) A red-tiled roof.
E) A retro look with lots of open window space.
F) Two stories with a well-gabled roof.

2. In which city would you most like to live?

A) Los Angeles, CA
B) Portland, OR
C) Dallas, TX
D) Miami, FL
E) Denver, CO
F) Baltimore, MD

3. How would you describe your decorating style?

A) Minimalist and trendy
B) Quirky and earthy
C) Rustic and homey
D) Natural and luxurious
E) Vintage and artistic
F) Classic and laidback

4. You decide to get a new puppy with your new home. What would you choose?

A) French Bull Dog
B) Labradoodle
C) Border Collie
D) Italian Greyhound
E) Cocker Spaniel
F) Golden Retriever

5. What is your prized home possession?

A) Your rare artwork print signed by your favorite artist.
B) Your vegetable and herb garden.
C) The land your home sits on.
D) Your fully decked outdoor living space.
E) The home itself. It’s a work of art!
F) The fireplace in your living room.

6. What kind of car will you park in your garage?

A) Range Rover
B) Chrysler PT Cruiser
C) Ford F-150
D) Cadillac Escalade
E) Toyota Prius
F) Jeep Wrangler

7. Which interior design style is your favorite?

A) Industrial
B) Shabby Chic
C) Rustic
D) Tuscan
E) Art Deco
F) Transitional

8. Where will you shop for furniture?

A) An independent studio downtown.
B) Yard sales and flea markets.
C) No need, you have furniture passed down from generations.
D) You’d prefer to hire an interior designer.
E) Vintage furniture outlets.
F) Any local furniture store will work for you.

9. Choose a color scheme:

A) Blacks and whites.
B) Earth tones with pops of color.
C) Whites and browns.
D) Sandy tones and blues.
E) No scheme for me, I want all colors!
F) Neutral tones with one accent color.

10. Finally, which home really speaks to you?



(Photo by Infinity Home Collection)



(Photo by Highland Homes)



(Photo by America's Home Place)



(Photo by Shea Homes)



(Photo by Beazer Homes)



(Photo by M/I Homes)

Now, tally all your answers and count up the letters you see the most. More "A" answers? You're likely at home in a Contemporary. More "B" answers? You probably belong in a Cottage home. You get the picture.

A) Contemporary - This style is perfect for the modern homebuyer who’s up to date on all the latest trends, has an eye for minimalism and doesn’t mind living close to the city.

B) Cottage - The cottage style is perfect for those who enjoy the quaint neighborhood feel and appreciate natural building materials like wood and stone.

C) Farmhouse - If you’re looking to build on a large lot, you’re likely looking for a farmhouse home. This style is perfect for those who want a large porch, two or more stories and want room for a family.

D) Mediterranean - For the luxury buyers, Mediterranean is the go-to look. If you want a red-tile roof, arched doorways and a lot that’s close to the beach, this might be the style for you.

E) Mid-Century Modern - If you’re a huge fan of vintage styles and the lifestyles of the ’60s, this is probably the style you’re looking for. One-story floor plans with architecture relying on straight lines are key characteristics with Mid-Century Modern homes.

F) Traditional - You're the kind of person who likes it classic and simple. With the Traditional style, you get timeless architecture and a home perfect for raising your family in.
Drew Knight is a freelance writer for Builders Digital Experience (BDX). You can find him online at LinkedIn.

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