Scandinavian Modern

A beautiful and simply decorated room with grey and white themes with a touch of orange as well.

Dunberry Plan, Greenbrook at Highland Woods, Elgin, Ill., by Meritus Homes

The Scandinavian Modern interior design style is very minimalistic, designed with style in mind without having to use many pieces. You’ll find a neutral color scheme, lots of natural light, many elements of nature, a cozy fireplace and hardwood floors. Lacking excessive ornamentation, the Scandinavian Modern style is distinguishable through natural materials, light woods, ceramics, plants, shaggy rugs and woven rugs. Furniture will often have clean, curvilinear lines with a relaxed and natural feel. These pieces will mainly be influenced by mid-century style, with a few modern pops like odd, artistic shapes. Thus, it shouldn’t be too hard to find fun, affordable pieces. Though you’ll generally want to stick with minimal colors, the furniture will provide the sleek and interesting look to keep the Scandinavian Modern style relevant. Additionally, you could add bold patterns and organic shapes in bright hues for accents like wall art or fabrics.

Distinguishing Elements:
• Natural colors: whites and browns, sky blues, leafy greens, sunny yellows
• Natural light: Large windows are very common 
• Nature: Flowers, wood, art, views
• Simple, yet cozy fireplace: mostly made of metal in an artsy design
• Light hardwood floors with a rug
• Funky, unusual furniture
• Bold, geometric patterns in artwork or fabrics

Nova Hasley is a contributor to NewHomeSource.

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