Shabby Chic

Great looking bedroom with large glass windows designed with vintage items all either white or off-white.

Ensenada Plan at Phillips Creek Ranch, Frisco, Texas, by Drees Custom Homes.

The Shabby Chic interior design style become extremely popular in the ’90s and evokes the type of decoration found in large country houses, where you would find worn chintz sofas and curtains and old paintings. Known for its practicality, minimalism, respect for natural materials and superb craftsmanship, furniture selected for this style will be chosen for signs of wear and tear, or be distressed to achieve such an appearance. Overstuffed cushions are popular, as are unmatched printed fabrics, ideally florals. When choosing a color scheme, it’s best to shoot for warm pastels and pale neutrals; white is always wise. Other distinguishing features include usage of flowers to brighten up the space and unique lighting features like lamps or chandeliers painted white or made of glass. If you’re the type of person who enjoys imperfections and can see the beauty in eclectic, mismatching designs, this could be the interior design for you.

Distinguishing Elements:
• Worn, faded furniture and curtains
• Neutral color scheme, lots of white
• Overstuffed cushions
• Mismatched printed fabrics, especially florals
• Unique lighting fixtures (lamps, chandeliers)

Nova Hasley is a contributor to NewHomeSource.

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