Kitchen area simply designed and decorated with lots of wooden materials including the cabinets, the floor and the counter.

Dynasty Plan at Flying Horse in Colorado Springs, Colo., by Classic Homes.

The Shaker design is based on a simplistic elegance and excellence of craftsmanship. Uncluttered, open floor plans combined with raw materials, natural lighting and the absence of bright, flamboyant patterns or colors are some recognizable traits of the Shaker style. The beauty of the Shaker style is that the rustic materials and simple designs harmonize to create a peaceful, charming atmosphere. 

To really bring the Shaker style to life in your home, trying optimizing space to create an open-room look. One way to do this is to use wall pegs in main rooms to hang anything from brooms to wooden chairs. Drawers and cabinets built into the wall and matching with a simple design also add a quaint, Shaker touch. For storage, try wooden boxes to match the rustic theme. Enhance the rustic look by using raw, cherry or maple wood for your floors, décor and furniture. 

Ideally, the walls should be natural shades like soft beige and only have a few main pieces to avoid clutter. And for the cherry on top, ladder-back wooden chairs and untreated, wooden tables really pull the Shaker look together. The key to making the Shaker style work is to leave some surfaces bare and decorate minimally. To accessorize, use candles, books, wooden décor and small, wooden containers. For curtains, try gingham and simple cotton, wool or silk in neutral shades for furniture padding, bed sheets and towels. 

If you would also like to brighten up the room, try windows framed with cherry or maple wood pains, tin wall sconces and soft-colored fabrics and flower arrangements. Ideally, the Shaker design should harmonize the open space and rustic materials so your home captures the raw beauty of nature and the peaceful, serene atmosphere that comes with it.

Distinguishing Elements:

  • Neutral colors — off whites, soft grays and light tans 
  • Raw, cherry or maple wood floors and furniture
  • Ladder-backed chairs and wall peg rails
  • Absence of bright or flamboyant colors or patterns
  • Gingham curtails and wool, cotton or silk fabrics
  • Natural lighting and tin wall sconces
  • Built-in cabinets and drawers
  • Rustic atmosphere and raw materials
  • Simplistic elegance and excellent craftsmanship

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