Living room decorated with different colors and ideas that marry together into one lovely-looking space.

Enchantment Plan at RimStone, Sedona, Ariz., by Dorn Homes.

The Southwestern style is a combination of Native American and Spanish traditions that embodies warm, desert landscapes by the heavy use of bright colors and rustic materials. Bright colors are an integral part of the Southwestern style, so be sure to use a combination of turquoise, deep reds, golden yellows, burnt oranges, rich greens and earth tones to bring your home to life. The rustic materials add an element of nature with a charming aesthetic appeal. 

The hallmarks of Southwestern architecture are terracotta walls and clay tile roofs with wooden overhangs to shelter patios and sunrooms. To match this exterior, choose high ceilings supported by heavy timbers in the main rooms and incorporate rustic stones and aged copper into the interior walls. Southwest-styled furniture can also be fun and colorful. Select distressed wood for tables and chairs and chunky, bright pieces to stand out in your favorite rooms, while red- or earth-toned leather and suede upholstery adds a touch of sophistication. 

Another great thing about the Southwestern style is that it offers flexibility when accessorizing. There are a variety of materials — distressed wood, woven wool fabrics, wrought-iron and handcrafted metal work and pottery — that you can use to decorate your home.

Distinguishing Elements:

  • Harmony of Native American and Spanish traditions
  • Distressed wood and rough textures
  • Handcrafted metal work and pottery and colorful, woven-wool fabrics
  • Wrought-iron accessories
  • Leather and suede for upholstery 
  • Bold shades of red, orange, yellow, blue and green are a main part of the style
  • Wood furniture should be main pieces, chunky and distressed
  • Handcrafted tiles and pottery (terracotta) 
  • Turquoise, blues, deep reds, golden yellows, green, earth tones (ivory, tan, brown, beige, etc.) and a deep orange (terracotta) 
  • Terracotta and clay tile roofs

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