Space-saving Ideas for Manufactured Homes

The Anniversary 2.0 plan by Clayton Homes in Donna, Texas, optimizes space in the kitchen with a pantry with wire shelving and a kitchen island with built-in shelves.

The Anniversary 2.0 plan by Clayton Homes in Donna, Texas, optimizes space in the kitchen with a pantry with wire shelving and a kitchen island with built-in shelves. Photo courtesy of Clayton Homes.

While manufactured homes do have sizable floor plans with lots of storage, you may need to explore space-saving options.

Whether you have a single- or double-wide manufactured home, the first thing to know is that a clean, organized home is much more spacious than a cluttered, unorganized one. Plenty of storage solutions can help with this.

“Clear storage boxes can be a lifesaver in a small space and they come in cool colored tints,” says Laura McHolm, co-founder of NorthStar Moving, and who has experience not only moving furniture, but helping clients downsize and find the right storage solutions for their new home. “Use those boxes for seasonal clothes, phone chargers, electronics and more. The more stuff you have stashed away, the bigger your space will feel.”

For larger objects such as skis, surfboards, unused furniture or boxes of papers, consider a separate storage unit.

Double-duty Accessories

McHolm says functional accessories, such as storage ottomans, a bench or couch with storage inside or over-the-door organizers, enhance small spaces by providing hidden storage space.

“These stylish accents will help keep you home feeling open and relaxed, all without cramping your space or style,” she says.

Other functional accessories include sleeper sofas that can be used for out-of-town guests, murphy beds, convertible shelves and lazy Susan-type shelving so that you an easily access items in the back.

Don’t Forget the Décor

Strategically using colors can make a difference in any home. Bright colors, for example, not only brighten a room, but make the space feel larger too. But, stick to one color scheme or palette to keep from making the space looking too cluttered.

Another way to make small spaces feel bigger is the use mirrors. Even hanging a simple wall mirror vertically will enlarge a space.

McHolm suggests hanging interesting mirrors throughout the home. “The views and reflected light from the mirrors will make the space feel bigger,” she says. “Select big and small mirrors with interesting frames to dimension to rooms.”

Space-saving Design Features for Manufactured Homes

If you haven’t yet purchased your manufactured home and are in the design stage, consider some of these space-saving design features: sliding barn doors or pocket doors, built-in bookshelves, pantry closet and a kitchen island with built-in storage.

Ask your manufactured homebuilder if they offer any models with a mudroom or a tech center and ask how these areas can help keep your home clutter-free and organized.
Patricia L. Garcia is an award-winning journalist and former content manager for NewHomeSource. You can find her on Google+.

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