The Colorful Appeal of Stainless Steel

ELN 28523 A 28X52 MODULAR by Clayton Homes

Stainless steel appliances pop in this Clayton Homes-built kitchen. Such appliances add a modern touch to any kitchen, regardless of style and color palette. There are options that will work for your new home. Photo: Clayton Homes.

The refrigerator in my childhood kitchen was in-style avocado green, the stove was white, and the cabinets were brown. It wasn’t beautiful, but it was functional. It was a room just for the business of cooking for a family of seven, and not much more.

Today’s kitchens couldn’t be more different. The popularity of open floor plans means living and dining rooms open seamlessly to the kitchen. Kitchens are now social spaces and work spaces. Colored refrigerators have given way to stainless steel, too. Stainless steel complements almost every color, is durable and fabulously resistant to scratches and stains. The biggest drawback is it can be a smudge-and-fingerprint magnet. Thankfully, new fingerprint-resistant finishes have easily wiped away that issue.

The Shine

The muted luster of stainless is no longer the only finish option. You can choose a sleek, high-gloss finish to create a look that reflects light and sophistication in a kitchen. The gloss makes it even more resistant to smudges. If you want a softer look, select a matte finish. It lends a warm glow to the room. An added bonus with matte finishes is that they can hold magnets, turning the fridge into a space for kid’s art and shopping lists.

Light and Dark

Light and airy, or dark and warm? Whichever feel you want your kitchen to have, there is a color to help you create it. Two of the most popular choices today are black and slate.
If you choose darker wooden cabinets, a black matte finish beautifully permeates the aura of soothing warmth. Want high-contrast? Paint the cabinets white and coordinate your accents. Light fixture pendants, dish towels, cabinet pulls in matching, bold colors will elicit “Oohs” and “Aahs” when guests enter for the first time.

If you want a more neutral shade that’s attractive and versatile, then slate with a matte finish is your go-to. The color is a match for almost every home style, be it country or modern. Beige undertones also work with a variety of cabinetry color options. The earthy tone of the slate will increase the warm and inviting feel of your kitchen.

Hundreds of Colors

If you think black or slate are your only color options, think again. Want a purple stove with orange knobs and a green handle? It’s possible. There’s one manufacturer where you can pick options from twelve color families, each with at least ten different shades from which to choose. Whatever mood you want to create – vibrant, subtle, bold, sexy, cheerful, etc. – you can find a color that’s perfect. The limit? Your imagination.

Louise Gallup-Roholt has been a corporate project manager, room designer, remodeling contractor, award-winning television writer/producer, chef and author. She now writes about all those subjects that intrigue her and more. 

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