5 Things That Come with a New Home That Are Not the House

The exterior of the Daley plan by Richmond American Homes features a blue roof, white vinyl siding with stone accents and two garages. A red front door greets guests on a porch. Located at Retreat at Sunshine in Puyallup, WA.

Want peace of mind? Buy a new home, which comes with the added benefit of no costly repairs and low energy costs. Photo courtesy of Richmond American Homes. The Daley plan by Richmond American Homes at Retreat at Sunshine in Puyallup, Wash.

Congratulations, you have just received the keys to your new home!

You can finally relax in a home lovingly customized to your life. Your brand-new dream home cost less per square foot than if you bought an existing house. Sure, you now have a roof over your head, but there’s so much more that you get with a new home.

A newly built home means you now have 1) peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to pay for costly repairs for years to come; 2) a community full of wonderful neighborhoods and top amenities; 3) more free time to do the thing you want to do, rather than the things you have to do; 4) low utility bills because your new home is built to the latest energy-efficiency standards and 5) great schools that are located near new-home communities.

1. Peace of Mind

Because new homes come with builder warranties, the latest safety features and the chance to have a third-party inspector help you spot any issues before you move in, new homes give their owners peace of mind. If you buy an old house, you take the risk of moving into a space that needs costly repairs — repairing a roof can set you back almost $10,000 — just to make it livable.

When you move into your new home, your builder has already taken care of any issues with the house. You can spend your days arranging your furniture and meeting your neighbors, instead of nervously waiting for something to break and hoping you will have the funds to fix it.

2. A True Community

Families thrive in new-home communities. Wide, tree-lined streets, community events and great amenities make it easy to meet and mingle with neighbors. Your children can make friends that last a lifetime when they head over to the community park to play with the other neighborhood kids.

Builders design new home communities to encourage a welcoming and active lifestyle for the families that live there. Your new home is the gateway to your new life.

3. More Free Time

Not even the most dedicated DIYer likes drawn-out home repair projects. These costly time sucks drain families of resources that could be better spent doing anything else.

Your new home is designed for your lifestyle and personal style. When you move in, you do not have to worry about spending months gutting the kitchen so it better suits your family and lifestyle. You will not have to learn how to remove the hideous wallpaper the previous owner thought was a good idea. All you have to do is decide what new home accessories you want for your new home.

4. Low Utility Bills

The average new home is up to 30 percent more energy efficient than home built just 10 years ago. Modern building practices, better insulation, tight home envelopes, energy-saving appliances and more almost always come standard in new homes and work to reduce your monthly utility bill.

Even if you are not ready to cover your roof with solar panels, you can live sustainably and save money when you buy a new home.

5. Great Schools

One of the greatest features that come with your new home are the nearby schools. Because you have total control over which neighborhood you’ll live in, you’ll also be able to decide which schools your children will attend and the school district that your home is zoned to, making it easy to set your children up for success.

In addition to the control over zoning provided by being in a new neighborhood, new-home communities frequently have schools in the neighborhood. You can walk your children to school, where they can cement their bonds with their neighborhood friends.

Who would not want to live in a beautiful new home, surrounded by a fantastic neighborhood and great neighbors? When you choose to invest in a new home, you get a house tailored to your life and tangible benefits that help you and your family thrive.
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