Thoughts Everyone Has When Designing Their Home

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Picking your new home’s options and upgrades should be an exciting process. If you find yourself hesitating about your choices, don’t fret. Working closely with your builder will help alleviate concerns.

Homeowners face an exciting challenge when designing their new home.

New-construction homes have modern floor plans and builders can install the upgrades, cabinetry and lighting you really like. Creating your own Pinterest Paradise from the ground up, as opposed to attempting to remodel an old house built in the 1960s, saves money and time, so that means you will love every minute of the design process. Right?

Turns out, planning how you want your beautiful new home to look — choices you must live with for decades — can inject stress into the design process. Everyone has thoughts of hesitation when designing their new home, but you can use your excitement and stress to fuel your determination to make your home an oasis for your family and your life.

I am so excited! I love design, my house is going to beautiful, and I cannot wait to move in!

New homeowners start the design process excited about the process unfolding before them. The difference between people who move into a beautiful home, tailored to their personal style and life style, and people who end up behind schedule and over budget is extensive planning before you even get started.

Understanding how you want to live in your new home, your budget and what choices you need to make helps keep your project running on time and saves stress. Determine how much money you can afford on upgrades for your new home, which upgrades your builder offers and why upgrading a specific feature in your home could make your life better. (“It looks pretty” and “I always wanted one” are totally valid reasons.) Making sure you know your color schemes before you have to decide on things like paint, cabinet, countertops and flooring eliminates major stress points and ensures your home has a cohesive feel once you get the keys.

Why are there so many paint/granite/cabinet colors? All these options are making me anxious.

One of the major sources of stress for new homeowners comes from having to pick just one of the many options available. To avoid getting overwhelmed by the vast ocean of options your builder will present you with, you need to have a good idea of what you want — before you go to your builder’s design center to look at color swatches.

Having a general but informed idea of what you want you can make better choices. If you know that you want your kitchen painted an off-white color, you can spend your time deciding what shade of white you want. Simply eliminating general categories of options before you look at specific ones limits the feeling of anxiety. Don’t be afraid to tear or print out photos of what you like from magazines or Pinterest and take those with you to your design appointment.

Are quartz counters the avocado vinyl counter of the 2010s?

Choosing between trendy and classic fixtures and features is a difficult balancing act to master. Trendy design choices can make a home feel energetic, until they go out of style and look dated. When investing in an aspect of the home that cost a pretty penny, or presents a challenge to replace, opting for classic styles makes sense. If you absolutely love a new trend, try to determine if it could become a new classic. If it does not build off more traditional features, consider trying it out in smaller ways. Instead of having mosaic tile everywhere, test it on your backsplash. Opt for neutral wall colors, accented with wild art and furnishings. Have a mix of lighting fixtures instead of all the recessed lighting.

Did I really pick the right paint color? What if I hate it when we move in?

The home design version of buyers’ remorse frequently strikes homeowners immediately after they tell their builders what they want. Many homebuyers can feel as though they are not making the right choices, but don’t stress. Working with your builder to build the home of your dreams is possible — this is what your sales rep and design consultant is there for. They will help interpret your needs and wants and turn them into a reality. Limiting doubt and anxiety about your future home helps keep you excited about moving in.

You know, I am glad we splurged on the counter tops/crown molding/upgraded tile.

Careful planning ensures you get the most bang for your buck when upgrading features in your new home. Focusing on using your upgrade dollars in spaces you spend the most time in and on fixtures you love ensures that you get joy out of them every time you see them.

I love, love, love the breakfast nook/kitchen/great room/master bath!

Every new homeowner has something they absolutely love about their new home. After all the hard work and planning, nothing is more satisfying than seeing it all come together to create a living space tailored to you. The things you love about your home are one of the many benefits of investing in your home. The choices you made during the building process will help foster a feeling of serenity and comfort for years to come.

Watching your new home come together, from a concrete foundation into a beautiful complete home, is a wonderful experience. With careful planning, your builder will help you make informed design choices that make a house your home.
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