Top 10 Up-and-Coming Small Real Estate Markets in the U.S. study predicts next small housing market booms based on affordability, culture

10854 Laurel Glade Lane Lot 253 (The Eliot)  by Goodall Homes in Knoxville, TN

Exterior rendering of 10854 Laurel Glade Lane, Lot 253 (The Eliot) by Goodall Homes in Knoxville, Tenn. This home is priced starting at $345,350 and in one of the small cities just dubbed an upcoming boomtown for real estate. Image courtesy of Goodall Homes.

Want to build a home in a booming location but can’t stomach the big city price tag? There are smaller city options that are rising in popularity and budget-friendly. The expert data team at has named the next top 10 hot real estate markets. Poised to become the hot urban centers that foster homeownership and a high quality of life, these smaller cities give residents a healthy business environment and exciting opportunities, with property prices mere mortals can actually afford.

The Next Best Cities
If you want to live in an exciting metropolitan hub, these smaller big cities can give you the urban lifestyle you crave, without the price tag associated with places like Orange County, Washington D.C., or Seattle.

According to these are the 10 cities that will be the next best places to live:

1. Salisbury, Maryland
2. Lafayette, Louisiana
3. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
4. Gulfport-Biloxi, Mississippi
5. Winston-Salem, North Carolina
6. Grand Rapids, Michigan
7. Knoxville, Tennessee
8. Daytona Beach, Florida
9. Ogden, Utah
10. Worcester, Massachusetts

Why Do People Love To Live Here?
Why should you abandon your dreams of living in your dream beachfront house in Southern California, ranch in Nashville, townhome in Greenwich Village, or funky tiny house in Seattle for these smaller, less famous cities? You know, aside from the high cost of being alive in any of those booming metros.

These cities have the features and amenities that people love about popular, expensive metros, without the overheated housing market. Beach bums-in-training can live by the ocean in Myrtle Beach, Gulfport, and Daytona Beach. Salisbury and Worcester boast East Coast charm and urban living. If you prefer mountains to the coast, Ogden has great hiking and skiing in the heart of the newest tech hub.

Smaller, affordable cities like these let people live a balanced life, without sacrificing homeownership or other opportunities for an exciting lifestyle. As it turns out, home shoppers can make their dream home a reality, all while enjoying the benefits of living in a vibrant city.

Would you want to live in a future boomtown? Let us know what you think about these cities and their lifestyles in the comments below.

Infographic: study names popular small housing market booms based on affordability, culture

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