What Does "BOYL" Mean?

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Home shoppers may have heard realtors use the phrase “BOYL,” or maybe you’ve seen it on builders’ websites. BOYL is a common acronym in the real estate industry that stands for “Build on Your Own Lot.” Unlike traditional site-built homes, home shoppers that use the BOYL option first purchase land separately from a builder community or developer, then build a new home on that land.

5 FAQs about BOYL

1. Do production builders offer BOYL house plans?

Yes! Many production homebuilders offer BOYL options, so you don’t have to hire an architect to draw up a custom floorplan from scratch.

When you find a plan you love, survey your land and make sure you can legally and feasibly built that plan on that piece of land before you sign any documents or make any commitments. Ask your desired builder if they handle the land surveillance and inspection process.

2. Are custom homes the same thing as the BOYL option?

Yes and No. Most of the time, a custom home is technically the same thing as the BOYL option, a site built home on the homeowner’s own land. Typically, though, the term BOYL refers to services offered by a production builder, where they build from their floorplan library, on a lot not in one of their master planned communities or builder developments.

3. Are manufactured homes or modular homes the same thing as the BOYL option?

No. Buying a manufactured or modular home is not the same thing as the BOYL option because the house is built on an assembly line, not on-site. Manufactured and modular homes are also placed on leased land, not homeowner owned.

4. Do you need to own land before you start looking into BOYL options?

Not necessarily. Some builders will help home shoppers find and buy the perfect lot for their desired new home. Want to start exploring your BOYL homebuilder options? Click here.

5. Is a BOYL home more expensive than a traditional site-built home?

Not necessarily. Depending on the cost of land, how many upgrades you want to include in the home, and the desirability of the location of a builder’s communities, building a new home on a privately held lot can cost less than building a production home in local housing development.

When the BOYL Option Is Right for You

You might want to see if local builders offer BOYL options if:

  • You already own land where you want to build a house.
  • You want to build a new construction home, but don’t want to live in a master planned community or builder community.
  • You really like a certain builder’s floorplans, but don’t want to or can’t live in any of their communities.

Want to learn more about building a new home on your own lot? Read this: How to Build Your Own Home on Your Own Lot.

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