Forget Hygge; Go Còsagach with Your Home Décor

Get Cozy with It

Loving mother reading a book to her daughter at their cozy home by the fire.

Get cozy by the fire and curl up with a good book. That, my friends, is the notion of còsagach, or creating a cozy home.

Scotland is a land of mystery. At once very metropolitan, with Glasgow and Edinburgh leading the way, Scotland quickly becomes rural, cozy and comfortable just outside the larger cities. It has inspired poets, writers and millions of tourists. Now, it’s inspired a lifestyle.

In years past, in part spurred on by Ikea, the Swedish lifestyle of clean lines, simple designs and light woods, was part of every designer’s playbook. At the same time, though, there’s a growing desire for the cozy, warm and safe in interior design.

First There Was Hygge

A few years ago, the Scandinavian concept of “hygge” (pronounced hoo-gah) entered the interior design world. The word itself comes from the Danish word meaning “wellbeing” or “hug.” Those decorators embracing hygge brought less-austere designs than the simple, clean lines of the Ikea-type Scandinavian furnishings and decor.

The hygge trend was one of the most-sought trends of recent years. Big, comfy chairs, blankets, candles and comfort have been the centerpieces for newly decorated homes, with home design itself featuring nooks filled with bookshelves and warm, directed overhead lighting.

Enter Còsagach

While hygge brought the beginnings of the idea of comfort, còsagach (pronounced coze-sag-och) takes the idea of hygge several steps further. Còsagach comes from Scotland, where the nights are cool and a warm fireplace is never out of season. And like hygge, it denotes the feeling of coziness, warmth and safe shelter. A cup of hot buttered rum or whisky is never out of place.

Còsagach is more of a lifestyle than strictly a way of decorating your home to evoke a feeling, though. The idea is to find your own idea of cozy and embrace it.

How to Còsagach

Winter is the best time for cozying up to còsagach. According to a report by VisitScotland, “In the winter, when the storms rage and the waves crash against the rocks, there is nothing more satisfying than being curled up in front of the fire, book and hot toddy in hand, listening to the weather outside.”

And while it might not be storming where you are, it’s still easy to see where the idea of getting away from all the noise of the times in which we live would help. That’s exactly the spirit of còsagach: calm, peaceful and taking care of yourself.

Here’s how to còsagach your life:

● Còsagach Your Backyard

Thinking of how you’ll design your new landscaping? Embrace còsagach with your design. Add a hot tub surrounded by big comfy chairs and a chimenea to keep you warm. Build in smaller seating areas around your yard, including a spot just perfect for one person to sit, read and enjoy nature.

● Còsagach Your Bathroom

Since you are building your new home, you can create a personal oasis from the start. A warm bath in a stand-alone soaking tub, filled with bubbles, a glass of champagne in your hand — there’s nothing else like it. Once you’re done, wrap yourself in a fluffy, warm robe and move your relaxation time into a corner of your bedroom, surrounded by bookshelves, with an overstuffed chair and ottoman in the corner.

● Còsagach Your Get-togethers

Instead of a rousing evening with your best friends, why not schedule a night of pampering? Schedule a night of old movies, warm drinks and tasty treats, both sweet and savory.

Còsagach Your Life

One of the best ways to embrace the feeling of còsagach is to slow down, turn off your devices and bring your thoughts back to a quieter, simpler time. A time filled with the feeling of downy blankets, fluffy pillows, warm drinks and no hustle and bustle.

Schedule at least one weekend a month with no electronics, no television, no movies, just you and those closest to you. Use it as a chance to reconnect after a particularly stressful week. Play board games. Talk. Sing silly songs. Cook together. Anything you leave behind during your disconnected weekend will still be there Monday morning.

There’s no better way to enjoy 2018 than to embrace this year’s coziest trend, còsagach. How can you còsagach?
Laurie Leiker is a published author, business coach and consumer advocate. She spent 10 years as producer and on-air investigator for the Troubleshooter Tom Martino radio show in Denver, Colo., where she helped consumers get back more than $2 million in one year.

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