What’s the Next Design Style Trend After 'Fixer Upper'-inspired Farmhouse?

The bright splashes of color added to this bedroom make it fresh and trend-worthy. Olde Forge Station Plan by Berks Homes in Carlisle, Penn.

The bright splashes of color added to this bedroom make it fresh and trend-worthy. Olde Forge Station Plan by Berks Homes in Carlisle, Penn. Photo: Berks Homes.

Now that Chip and Joanna Gaines have announced their last season on TV, what will the next trends in interior design be? Although the farmhouse/industrial style is still immensely popular, here’s a glimpse at what we see on the horizon:

Space to breathe
Trends tend to be modern, clean design, but with a twist. The open floor plans of the past decade are leading to open, but defined areas in the home. This is particularly true for kitchens, as many are being divided by half-walls and cabinets. Another big trend is the elimination of kitchen islands and replacing them with a dining table. Creating a sanctuary space or breathing room, where you can unplug from the outside world will be popular as well.

Non-linear Curves
From furniture to doorways, curves have a big impact in home design. Arched doorways add a bit of drama, and curved sofas break up the boxy lines of past design. Even the boxiest sofas have softer lines, and the curved models are extra fresh. Toss in a few arched windows, and your love of non-linear surfaces will be complete.

Vibrant Colors
The use of bright colors, or color at all, is fresh and new. Black and white has given way to dark blues and creamy whites. Vibrant rich color is seen everywhere from accents to furniture and wall coverings. Even earth tones are taking on a richer hue; rust, tobacco and ochre are replacing the muted mushroom and beige of yesterday. Out with the old, in with the bold! If you aren’t quite ready to commit to a new, rich color palette, maintain your neutral color scheme, but add in colorful pieces to update your space.

Metallic Accents
Rose Gold is the ‘it’ finish for metallics, from appliances to hardware. Finishes in matte black, and stainless are still popular, and matte black is being used in both the bath and kitchen. Chrome is making a comeback, too, and its clean look is even easier to care for. Mixing metals is a great trend, too, if you remember to use one main finish and others as accents. Even the 1980s brass finish is coming back around.

Repurposed items
We’ve seen dressers turned into bathroom vanities, but expect to see some more imaginative uses for repurposed items in the future. Think about a small boat used as tables, or industrial pieces used as light fixtures.

Pattern Play
From floral wallpaper to scalloped backsplash tile, patterns are going to be a big influencer going forward. The key is to use them sparingly. For example, select a herringbone flooring or a focal wall of patterned wallpaper. Expect to see prints and patterns in tile and other surface materials when before they were usually just one color.

Mixed periods and styles
Although this has been a trend for some time, the clean, mid-century modern style homes will begin to soften from the minimalist styles of the 1950-60s era with the addition of other elements. Combining different genres of design is a way to tell your story, instead of basing your aesthetic on a specific style or what you see in a magazine. Adding special pieces that mean something to you helps create a style that is your own.

I doubt the farmhouse/industrial design will disappear with the end of the Fixer Upper television show, but there’s a whole world of fresh and new ideas for you to consider when designing your new home. Keep in mind, though, that design is what works for you and your lifestyle, not copying something you see in a magazine, online or on TV.

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