Why Move to Palm Beach County?

Panoramic view of West Palm Beach showing tall buildings, cranes, bridge, vegetation, and flowing river.

The West Palm Beach Skyline. Photo courtesy of Andyxox~commonswiki (Wikimedia Commons)

If Palm Beach, Fla., sounds like a beach resort town, well that’s because it is.

Tropical temperatures, waterfront property and palm trees make this city every bit as dreamy as it sounds. So why not call this piece of paradise home?

Palm Beach County, Fla., has a lot of great things going for it including its growing economy, cultural scene and tax laws. Let’s take a look at why you should consider 
buying a home in Palm Beach, Florida:


Pushing aside the likes of other well-known Florida cities including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and Orlando, Forbes ranked West Palm Beach as the 
# 1 Florida City for Business and Careers. Across the nation, West Palm Beach still makes a strong showing at #54, due in large part to the work of Mayor Jeri Muoio, who has worked to grow the private sector during his time in office. 

In terms of job growth, Palm Beach is also making waves in position 105 on Forbes’ list for the best places for job growth. And when it comes to jobs and income, Palm Beach residents enjoy no income tax, a perk across the state of Florida.

But more than just a great place for business, West Palm Beach also breaks onto the Forbes’ charts for the best places for education (No. 55). Near Palm Beach are two top-tier universities, including the University of Florida and the University of Miami, both within a four-hour drive, making Palm Beach a great place to establish a family. 


Right along the coast, Palm Beach is home to some of the finest beaches, fresh fish and tropical winds tempered by the Gulf Coast Stream. Hot and humid summers yield terrific beach weather, while mild winter temperatures rarely drop below the 50s, making for a comfortable climate year round. 


Palm Beach caters to a youthful easygoing lifestyle. Known for major festivals such a SunFest, a music and arts festival, and MoonFest, a Halloween-style costume party, this city is for the young at heart, even with its many retirees. 

Its sparkling beaches are home to many water-based activities, including scuba diving, boat shows and the stuff of dreams for vacationers everywhere. The famous Clementis Street is home to a strip of bars and restaurants along the water, making it a vibrant spot for the local nightlife.

Another one of Palm Beach’s cultural quirks is its reputation as a “little-big town.” That is to say, despite its small population, this city is rich in culture and is a far cry from rural communities with similarly sized populations. 

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